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Why increasing your businesses security using salesforce event monitoring and other forms of security is so important


Having strong security in all aspects of a business is imperative.  Without good security such as salesforce event monitoring or a strong antivirus software installed companywide, your company information is in danger of being stolen or made public.  Remember that all over the world there are people that have different motives for wanting information and data from your company.  Here are some of the things that go wrong if your company has poor security:

Stolen payment details

Payment details are extremely valuable to criminals on the dark web and if your company stores details in an unsecure manner, the criminals can easily steal these details.  The repercussions of this happening are huge, clients may file a lawsuit against you for the money taken and the reputation of the company may be ruined forever.  Payment details are one of the most commonly stolen things on the internet.

Website security hacks

If a website is not secured properly then it can cause the website to go down for a period of time.  In some cases, cyber criminals may request money from you in order to put the website back up and functioning again.  If your business makes a great deal of money through their website, then if the website is down it will be detrimental to the business.  Regular customers may also decide that the company clearly doesn’t value security enough and thus decide never to return and shop on the website again.

Stolen personal details

Much the same as the first point, where can i buy real levitra online stolen personal details can have brutal consequences on the company.  If the business is in the healthcare industry and stores patient´s medical information, having this information stolen is a huge breach of privacy and can certainly affect the company’s reputation.

End user abuse

There is software now which helps to protect against end users conducting malicious or criminal activity.  Unfortunately, it’s not possible to trust everybody in your company and on some occasions people may want to sabotage the company by changing figures, sending files to people they shouldn’t and in many other ways.  This can be combatted by using event monitoring software which generate alerts when an end user is doing something that could be dangerous.

Future business plans getting stolen

Something important for a business is to be progressing all the time and having new, original ideas.  Sometimes platforms such as salesforce contain future plans which if revealed to competitors could be stolen and copied.  This could be through a general security breach or by an end user behaving incorrectly and stealing the plans to sell to another business.

Those are just some of the ways that your business can be affected by having poor security.  Threats can come from all different angles and it is imperative that you have them all covered.  If one of the above were to occur it could actually end the business or cost the business a huge amount of money and make it lose a great amount of respect and reputation.