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For A Watch That Works Better Than Clockwork – Check Out The Pebble


As wearable technology becomes more popular, smartwatches like the Pebble Watch will be affixed to a lot more wrists over the next few years. Since their stellar debut three years ago, and thanks to a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, the Pebble Watch has grown exponentially. The brand, now covering 3 distinct styles of watch (the Pebble Watch, Time, and Steel), is steadily becoming a favourite among techies.

So what makes these pebble watches special? It’s how convenient they make everything. If you’re on the go and need to quickly look down to see the weather, check the score, or even hail a cab from Uber, Pebble Watches are handy for just that occasion. Its powerful operating system can bring all those apps on to one interface, and its daylight readable display means you won’t be squinting in the sunlight to see it. It’s also handy for exercises, capable of running fitness apps to keep track of distance and to monitor your heart rate. You can even trust your smartwatch when your fitness routine takes you to the pool, as the Pebble is water resistant up to 30 metres underwater. If you’re active (or need help to become more active), the Pebble is great for all of those activities. Even for a take it easy kind of person, you can just check incoming texts and email, reply to notifications, or simply change the song you’re listening to with the flick of a finger.

A Pebble Watch is so much more than just a regular watch – it’s an impressive piece of wearable technology that’s an extension of your smartphone, which means you should go about protecting it like one. Just as you have a covering for your Android or your iPhone to protect it from damage, you should have a covering for your Pebble. You can’t do better than a Pebble Watch wrap, which is a thin, mouldable piece of vinyl that keep scratches, dents, and grime from ruining the intricate pieces that make up your watch. Wraps can come in many textures including carbon fibre, titanium, leather, and even wood, which means you can elevate your Pebble’s style while you ensure its protection. Far from the rubber look that the average Pebble sports, a wrap can turn it into a completely unique piece of wrist technology. Users can even go online to build their own custom skins and get a feel for how they will look before they make a purchase.

Since you spent a lot of time considering the advantages of each smartwatch before you settled on the Pebble, it only makes sense to devote the same amount of time when you select your wrap. After all, you’re trusting it to protect your valuable smartwatch from the elements. The best selection of Pebble Smartwatch wraps can be found online. dbrand has the ultimate line of wraps that are guaranteed to protect the Pebble wherever you take it – in the deep end of the pool or just on the subway car during rush hour. As a wearable piece of technology itself, their wraps will keep your Pebble working better than clockwork.