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Better Presentations with PowerPoint 2016 from Microsoft

Presentations with PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint, you may love it or hate it, but you can never deny that presentations have become an integral part of professional life. And most officials will also testify to the fact that for every good presentation they see, there are at least three poorly designed or executed presentations. A lot of people keep blaming the software for their lack of effort or ability, but that just became even less believable thanks to the host of new features PowerPoint 2016 for Mac has packed.

Microsoft had recently released a preview of the much awaited Microsoft Office 2016 meant for Mac. It seems to have some brilliant new attributes. This upgraded and updated version has made the suite even more productive for Office 365 users who are generally used to working on multiple computers or using office on both Windows PC and Mac.

Several enhancements have been made to the application to make it more user-friendly and powerful. Switching between themes is super easy now, as you have access to a drop-down menu from Variants under the Design tab. This means it is only a matter of three clicks to make your slide layout and theme visually appealing.

Improved Version of PowerPoint

The entire Office 2016 suite for Mac has been given an overhaul in terms of collaboration options. Hence, you can enjoy threaded comments from multiple authors, to discuss a particular slide in detail and understand exactly where to make edits. One of the more revolutionary options included in PowerPoint this time around is the ability for collaborative editing, which allows multiple users to work on the same copy of the document. All changes are reflected on the original, and the Conflict Resolution option has been included to handle any edits which may conflict with one another. You will now be allowed to compare both changes on-screen and then select which one to retain.

The Animation Pane, under the animation tab has become even simpler, which allows you to integrate transitions and animations within your slide to make it more interactive. The Presenter View under Slide Show ribbon is a great option which can be used by collaborators. This allows just the presentation, and not the entire Mac screen to be shared across the network, rather than the old paradigm.

Some Design Elements of PowerPoint 2016

When the PowerPoint 2016 opens, you can see the preliminary PowerPoint window at first. From this preliminary PowerPoint window 2016, you could access a pre-configured PowerPoint template for creating a new presentation. Users may open a recently edited or viewed presentation, or they may open a presentation that is actually stored either on Mac or in a connected service including OneDrive cloud service from Microsoft. You could expect to come across a wide array of pre-designed templates. They are available in a wide spectrum of colors, fonts and styles.

You must keep in mind that even though PowerPoint 2016 comes with a reinvigorated interface, menus still seem to be same in appearance as compared to the recent versions of PowerPoint. This implies that it would be quite user-friendly. Users would not be struggling for navigating the new applications, while you create and edit presentations and also, delivering the slide shows.

Animations, transitions, design and even slide show would be receiving their very own interactive ribbons. Users who are accustomed to PowerPoint would therefore, face no difficulty picking up from where they had actually left off. Some of the novel design elements and collaboration tools would be making it easier for all users.

Author Bio: Neil Wronski is a tech freak and blogger. He has written several articles on various topics like anti-virus apps to choosing a good PowerPoint template.