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A perfect guide for buying a wireless router – Make sure you choose the best one

wifiNowadays you’ll find wireless routers almost everywhere in houses, business organizations, apartments and even the sketchy van which is parked by the lane may also have one inside. A wireless router is an electronic device which lets you connect easily to a broadband internet service so as to stream media and share files between mobile and wi-fi devices. Though there are many who opt for a wired router, it is always more convenient to go for the wireless ones as you can do away with the hassle of managing wires and spoiling the look of your home. While you’ve made the decision of getting a wireless router for your home or office, here is some advice that you may follow in order to use it as a guide to getting the best router.

When should you think you really need a wireless router?

Wireless routers are extremely necessary when you prefer to choose a hard-wired connection and run a cable into your computer but as most of the mobile devices don’t have a dedicated port; users have to opt for wireless network as that remains the only solution for getting high speed internet connection. Wireless routers also allow you to share media, stream video and music and effortlessly connect all sorts of devices in your home. You may stream music to your speaker and even just get simple internet connection.

Choosing between network standards

Next come the features you should look for while purchasing a wireless router. The manufacturers of wireless routers are always implementing more powerful wireless standards with the advancements in technology. There are standards set like 802.11g, 802.11n and 802.11ac which are not just numbers but which shows the capabilities of the router. A router for a home which is used by a single user will definitely differ from that of a router for a heavy gamer. The latest of the wi-fi router standards is 802.11ac and such routers can support up to Gigabit speeds, faster than their predecessors.

Wireless data security

With the heightened number of identity theft cases, wireless networks are insecure and also inconvenient at times, especially when you don’t take enough steps to keep your network secure. Any identity thief can eavesdrop on your online activities and infect your files with viruses and cause issues. Some of the premium wi-fi routers like the best Zyxel Wi-fi router support at least WPA2 but you also have to ensure that every device that you add to your network should support WPA2 in order to work properly. WPA is even acceptable but it isn’t the ideal choice. Routers are designed keeping in mind family security and hence they include features like extra encryption, blocked users, monitor devices and ability to check out what other people are browsing.

Before getting yourself a wireless router, ensure you have read the fine print so that you are not deceived by the dealer. Make the best purchase and get back high speed internet as a result.