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5 Ways in Which Technology Can Ruin Your Marriage


Are we lucky to live in the age of technology? Is technology a blessing or a curse? These questions need deep thinking. There is no doubt in the fact that technology has made our lives better, but somehow it has also affected our relationships with people. Technology in itself is nothing but a few buttons, a circuit or maybe a box. How we use it makes it a blessing or curse. Facebook, Skype, Internet, cell phone spy app, WhatsApp, etc. and various other forms of technology has become so deep-rooted in our daily lives to such an extent that it’s even ruining our marriages without us even realizing it. Here are some ways in which different digital inventions take a toll on your married life.

  1. Technology Causes Misunderstandings and Fights

Text messages and Skype chats cannot tell what you really feel because some emotions are better to share face-to-face. If you go out to receive a call in the middle of the night, then your partner will definitely get negative vibes. In the same way, texting to friends when your partner is next to you is also annoying. Situations like these and others cause misunderstandings and fights among married couples. Thanks to technology, nothing damaged relationships more than cell phone spy apps. In a bid to gain information and an extra bit of control, some partners install spy apps on their spouse’s devices, thus keeping an eye on their calls and text messages. Things like ethics and morals are ignored, which eventually lead to irreparable damage.

  1. Technology Takes Away our Free Time

Technology takes away all the time which you are suppose to spend with our partner. Your spouse might be waiting for the whole week to spend quality time with you on a weekend and you can’t get your hands off your iPhone. You were expecting something special last night, but your spouse was too busy watch their favorite show, which you obviously hate.

  1. Technology Worsen Depression

That desire of looking perfect on social media causes more depression than anything else. Technology surely has a lot of benefits, but its major drawback is that it has started a never ending race amongst people in which everyone wants to look best. We get jealous on seeing the honeymoon photos of our friends, their new car, new apartment, their job, etc. Technology makes us compare our life with others giving us a feeling that we are left behind from other people. This causes depression and the first thing depression kills is romantic bonding among couples.

  1. It Affects Quality of Marriage Life

Marriage is a lifelong commitment between two people to stay together in good and in bad, in health and in disease. This is something we forget due to technology. We are so curious to check the text message we just received or see what our social circle is up to on Facebook that we completely forget our partner was discussing an important issue with us. We prefer watching a television program or movies than spending some time alone with our partner. We hardly get time to show love and affection to our partner. Checking the email is the last thing we do at night instead of kissing the forehead of our partner. Technology has created an invisible wall between the couples. Nowadays, couples share a roof and bed, but that’s the only thing they share.

  1. It Withholds Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy keeps the marriage alive. Unfortunately, things like a tight hug, warm kiss on forehead, and gentle touching of hands are replaced with text messages, phone calls, smileys, etc. Technology can’t give you these feelings no matter how many times you say “I love you” on text. Most of the people keep their smartphone, laptop and other devices with them even at night. These devices grab their attention, ruining the mood of the spouse.

Stop being puppets in the hands of technology. Give relationships the love, time and care they require and turn your bedroom into technology-free zone. Also, avoid watching television, using cell phone or any other gadget while having family dinner or spending time with your spouse if you want to keep the spirit of your marriage alive.