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Designing A Well-Rounded Business Website

To design a well rounded business website, you need a certain scope of knowledge.  Most small business owners end up designing their business websites on their own with very little guidance, and they tend to miss some of the most important aspects of web design along the way. If you…

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Steps to Secure a Start-Up E-Commerce Website

Setting up a brand new commerce website is an exciting time, but it is also absolutely crucial that you take steps to ensure that it is secure. Unfortunately, online hacking and security fraud is rife on e-commerce websites and particularly newer sites which may not be as a secure. Here…

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How to make your website more secure – starting tips

Creating a new website can be an exciting process, particularly for a small business. There are numerous steps involved, starting with the initial design before moving on to coding and eventual growth or marketing. One thing to think about right from the start is security. By building security features right…