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Get Ahead in the Music Industry with Music Business Classes

The music industry is one that attracts many people. So many, in fact, that it can be hard to get into the industry. Of course, music is about a lot more than performing artist. It is an entire business that includes hundreds, if not thousands, of different positions from engineers…


Defining Music – Just What Is This Form of Art?

Music is an art form, which used a combination of silence and audible sounds in an organized manner. A number of key elements or aspects are common to music, something that you will learn all about when you go to music college. Defining music, however, has proven to be incredibly…


Some Most Famous Music Festivals That Attract Tourists

Music festivals try to create an ambiance and an atmosphere of its own. Each music festival has devoted its energy into defining itself as an individual entity. So, visitors attend these festivals not purely for the music, but for the experience. For music enthusiasts, summer marks the beginning of the…