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Make the right choice and choose the experts

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There are numerous shapers around for surfboards but choosing the right surfboard and the shaper will make the difference in your surfing experience. Whether it is getting a custom made surfboard, which are quite expensive to own or taking a board off the rack, a good shaper is someone who will make a board that will help you improve over the years.

If your ability is average, it is better to go with simpler yet striking brands than with biggest brands that are used by pros. We would like to introduce you to one of the names, which you have to look out for.

Jason Rodd Surfboards- Beginning

Jason Rodd is definitely one of the most important and asked after shapers in Gold Coast, a major surfing destination in the world.

Right from starting his experience in Gold Coast Shaping Bays, his classic finished boards saw many more surfers most of whom were high profile to look out for Jason Rodd. JR Surfboards were then born and has moved up the ladder to now cater to many high profile surfers.

Gold Coast being a key surfer zone is known for the best board designs along with great performance, which has made the company JR Surfboards to build a good reputation for themselves and propel themselves as industry leaders known for their innovative designs, shaping methods and eye for details.

The movement forward

With an established name to boast, JR surfboards have now an expanding portfolio of high profile surfers endorsing the brand from Dion Atkinson, Thomas Woods to Wade Carmichael. The reason for these great endorsements and progress is because they strive to produce a quality product, which has been tested by some of the best surfers.

This is also combined with a huge portfolio of models designed to suit the surfing requirements across a wide range of conditions with different kinds of materials.

Custom Boards

The secret of the brand of JR surfboards is to put forth a quality product with consistency, which has lead to the boutique status of the company. While moving for custom development of boards, Jason trusts in feedback from the customer for the development of the board’s basic models, technology and essentially will lead to his brand.

Each order is thought of as his own board, which will lead to ultimate perfection. If you are looking forward to being a part of the exclusive and elite clientele of Jason Rodd, look no further than visiting for your next purchase.