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Tall People Problems: 5 Best Big & Tall Clothing Providers

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Being tall comes along with its own set of challenges.  The struggle to find clothing that fits correctly in all the right areas is neverending.  Reach up, and touch the ceiling.  If there is a slight draft along the midriff area, then problem number one is no longer a mystery.

Long sleeves tend to turn into three-quarter sleeves for those who are vertically gifted, and fitted jeans are a little less than fitting.  Take a closer look at a few practical solutions for those who are a bit taller than average.

+2 Tall Clothing

This particular clothing provider specializes in making extra long articles of clothing.  There is no worry that the sleeves will be long enough here.  Check out their extra long hoodies made to create plenty of room to move.

Hoodies are specially made with tall, active men in mind.  +2 Clothing is styled with a clean and modern finish and no gaudy logos.  In addition, their clothing is made from 100 percent combed cotton.  Combed cotton is softer and stronger than regular cotton.


There is not only a dire need for taller and bigger clothing, but big and tall people need shoes as well.  Oddball shoe sizes start at size 13 and range all the way up to size 20 in all of the biggest brand names.

Shoes are not the only article of apparel Oddball offers.  They have shirts, socks, and hats, too!  There is no lack of style in this online retail store.  Adidas, Nike, New Balance, and many other brands built to fit the larger than life population of the world populate the virtual shelves of this market.

Bad Rhino

Bad Rhino Big and Tall clothing line starts with a size large and goes all the way up to 8XL.  The website offers affordable pricing and shipping deals on an array of orders.  Everything a large man could need to look smooth is only a few clicks away with Bad Rhino.  They even offer nightwear for the more informal occasions in life.

KingSize Big & Tall Experts

King Size Big and Tall Experts are just what their name suggests.  They are the leading provider of big and tall clothing and accessories with more than 50 years in the business.  Their shirts size up to 10XL, outerwear up to 8XL, activewear up to 9XL, and pants up to a 72-inch waist size.


Specializing in large sized shoes, 2BigFeet was founded by two men who were tired of searching for shoes that fit right.  They offer shoe sizes 14 all the way up to 21 and shoe widths of B to 9E.  Search no further for the most comfortable shoes on the market.