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Staying stylish – Some vital tips for men who wants to compete with women


Who doesn’t dream of looking the most stylish man alive? Perhaps this is what most guys dream of. But if they consider themselves as competitors with the fairer sex, they would rather find themselves lagging behind. Women are undoubtedly much more conscious about fashion and how they dress up as they’re the ones who breathe fashion. If you are a guy who wants to compete with a woman or with your girlfriend, you should buck up with some tips so that you can take the required steps that can help you stay strong and stylish at the same time. So, if you think of looking stylish, here are some fashion tips for all you guys. Check them out.

  1. Try to look good naturally: As a man, you should always try to look good in the most instinctive way. Make a serious effort to look good whenever you go out as this can become a wild source of seduction for all you people. All this lies in your attitude and not in your dress codes. It lies hidden within the details of what you’re wearing and not in what brands you’re wearing. Wear only those that you can carry off easily.
  2. Stay sober: Remember that sobriety works wonders and whenever the look is too much forced on you, it looks artificial. You will look like you’re participating in a fancy dress competition. Always try to keep it simple and avert facing any kind of fashion faux pas as that will have a bad impression on you.
  3. Know your body type: Initially, before you’re testing different fashion accessories and dresses on you, you need to recognize your body type. Only following someone’s fashion that you like wouldn’t help you in creating a fashion statement for yourself. You should know what it is that works best for you as everything isn’t for everyone.
  4. Don’t use fashion as a rule: Make sure fashion acts as a guide and not as a rule book. You need to look beyond the trends in order to know which trends you would want to adopt. Remember that fashion for men should reflect a place of individual freedom.
  5. Don’t trap yourself in a single look: Make sure you dress in accordance with your look. Dress according to the occasion and remember that a suit won’t ever fit you when you attend a beach party. Make your own signature style and don’t follow others as that will make you look like a clone. Try to feel comfortable in carrying out different looks for different locations.
  6. A simple look can create wonders: There are times when a simple look can do wonders. However, it will only do wonders when you’ve teamed up the right jeans with the right tee shirt.

Therefore, if you’re trying to defeat women in terms of fashion, keep the above mentioned fashion tips in mind. Also concentrate on buying the right pair of Classic Mens Shoe Sale Online so that you can compliment your look with the right shoes. You may even visit for more information.