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Kids online clothing: The hidden issues you need to consider

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You don’t need to be a genius to notice that the fashion industry has been turned on its head over recent years. While the action of wandering down the high-street is never going to go away, the process of Googling your next garment for the big party at the weekend is certainly on the rise.

As such, the way we shop has been transformed. While the internet brings convenience, it probably doesn’t provide a shopping experience that allows you take in all of the details within fabrics.

When it comes to kids online clothing, there’s a few more considerations to think about. Sure, the sizing requirements aren’t quite as strict which work in its favor, but kids can be particular with what they wear at the best of times and this is why the list of buying factors changes somewhat.

Bearing this in mind, if you are in the market for your next garment for your little one, make sure you take into account the following as you take to the internet.

The soft fabric factor

Sure, we’d all love to wear soft fabrics – they are much more comfortable than the alternative. At the same time, many of us are happy to sacrifice a bit of comfort in exchange for that added style. Kids, meanwhile, generally don’t have such considerations.

You can’t feel the fabric as you shop online, but you can certainly analyze its properties. Anything that is going to promote itches is a definite no-go, with synthetic materials usually falling into said category. It’s a quick trick to ensure that you’re not sending the item back in that dreaded returns bag.

Be wary of irritating designs

Following on from the above, let’s talk about irritating designs. No, we’re not talking about designs which may or may not affect your tastes, but more so the ones that can irritate their skin. Just because something looks nice, doesn’t mean to say that it is going to feel the same.

Due to the small size of kids clothing, a lot of patterns tend to seep through the fabric and can be felt on the skin. As such, be aware of this factor.

Always buy a size bigger

Particularly if you are shopping for a child that’s less than a couple of years old, bigger is definitely better. The label might suggest that it’s suitable for 6-9 months, but when the item does arrive you’ll find that something of 12 months plus was probably more suitable. Kids grow fast, and your sizing choices should reflect this.

The ease-of-use element

Finally, there’s nothing more frustrating for small hands than being unable to escape a new dress or jumper. As we’ve kept reiterating, kids clothing is much different to the adult variety, and you need to look for strategically placed buttons and other elements to make sure that getting in and out of the garment is going to be easy for them, alone.

Of course, if they’re still very young this isn’t as much of an issue, but if they are starting to learn how to dress alone then it goes without saying it’s a major consideration.