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Check Out These Fantastic 2017 Swimsuit Deals

Fantastic 2017 Swimsuit

Every woman wants to travel during the chilly winter months, especially after the holidays when travel deals start popping up. While getting out of the cold is a joyous event, what’s not fun is searching for that perfect swimsuit during the off season. Department stores are currently featuring winter fashion and in many of these stores, no matter what the season, there’s no hope at all of finding sizzling plus size swimwear — apart from perhaps a matronly black shroud passing for swimwear. It remains painfully difficult to shop for that perfect suit in department stores, but advocates such as Ashley Graham who like to call plus size “curvasexalicious”, are helping to lead the way in the fashion industry’s changing view of plus size style. So, things are getting better.

Things are not quite so difficult online, where plus size swimwear has come a long way in design and function. Thanks to advocacy and a growing, outspoken customer base of plus size women, every year it becomes easier to find trendy plus size swimwear through online retail. Designers such as Anne Klein, Helen Tracy and Donna Karan all have acknowledged and embraced the fact that the plus size woman is a very important part of the fashion community.

In fact, the plus sized woman is in the majority and it is understood that to ignore this fact could translate into a loss of sales and respect for those designers. According to an article at ABC News, in the past 30 years, women have gone from being an average size 8 to 14, and it has taken just as long for designers to catch up to that fact. As the fashion industry recognizes this trend they have been busy putting beauty, functionality and form into plus size clothing and swimwear.

With crowded department stores, poorly stocked plus size sections, and terrible fitting room conditions, disappointment abounds in the typical department store shopping trip. Fortunately, with online shopping the plus size woman doesn’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. One of the leading websites offering fantastic winter deals on the latest swimsuit fashions is swimsuitsforall, offering great deals this winter season — including a stylish black tiered swimsuit. This swimsuit normally goes for $74.00 but is now on sale at $19.98. Sizes run from 8 to 34 so women can be sure to find the perfect fit in the latest styles. Many sizzling plus size swimwear by Shore Club, Beach Belle and Aquabelle are available and are on sale now.

The search for a great looking, great fitting swimsuit does not have to be an awkward fashion experience. Instead of getting in the car to drive to the local mall, women would be better served by sitting down at the computer and taking a look at the fantastic online offerings available this year.