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Advantages Of Using Mobile Wallet

In the past two years, we have witnessed a huge investment in the e-commerce market of India. There have been multiple merger, acquisitions, and big investments by international players. Over all, the mood in the e-commerce has been upbeat in these two years. Same kind of buildup is going in the m-commerce market and for sure in the fiscal year 2015-2016, things and transaction data will change a lot.

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With the growing number of people resorting to m-shopping and mobile banking, it’s not a big surprise, why mobile wallet services like Mobikwik is doing very good and registering very strong numbers. Mobikwik is a digital wallet services provider, which you can access either through your phone or through web. You can add money to your digital wallet and make payments for recharging mobiles, pay mobile and electricity bills. You can also recharge your television, DTH, data cards, broadband, gas and land line phone bills with it. From mobikwik wallet, you can also pay your insurance premiums without paying any additional charges for it.

So finally it’s good, you can do n number of things at one place. As on date, Mobikwik has 2 million valued customers, it is adding 200, 000 new customers very month. It is doing 30,000 transaction everyday! Well after seeing these numbers, I don’t think any of its competitors will like to take it lightly!

Now here, we will go into some definite advantages of Mobikwik wallet- which is drawing the customer’s interest towards it.

  1. Mobikwik wallet provides a secured environment of trust and confidence, where you can carry out any type of transactions without any hurdle. It gives the user an option to use internet banking of several banks. You can use it with all type of credit cards, debit cards. You can easily pay your utility bills with the help of Mobikwik wallet.
  2. You can either pay through mobile site, through Android or other phone app.
  3. One of the biggest advantages of using Mobikwik wallet is that you don’t have to go on multiple bank sites for payment. From one place you can do multiple payments for multiple tasks.
  4. With every payment that you make from your Mobikwik wallet, you get some exclusive discount offers from different merchants.
  5. Apart from doing recharge, you can also utilize your wallet money for shopping.
  6. In some selected cities, it also gives you an option to collect money for your wallet at your doorsteps in the form of cash.
  7. In case of any issues, they resolve the matter within 24 hours.
  8. It is giving good cash back offers at frequent intervals.
  9. Has a good customer support.
  10. It gives you an option to recharge also through phone call or Via SMS.

Mobik and Paytm- these are the two major recharge sites and payment gateways. Each of them is equally brilliant. Both have a good names and credibility in the market. Both have pros and cons of their own. Paytm has a good UI, low transaction failure rate, where as Mobikwik gives an extra option to recharge also through SMS or Call. Plus it gives Cash back offers more often paytm. So if you care for offers then try with Mobikwik wallet, otherwise go with Paytm.