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5 Tips to Create Your Wedding Gift List


The expert tips of mumbleinthejungle.com will make your wedding an even more special occasion.

Among the thousands of things a bride should do before the ceremony, is to organize her gift registry or gift registry.

Although it is a great advantage to be able to choose what to receive for your big day , instead of having to change the iron or crockery that your aunt gave you and you do not need, sitting down to choose from thousands of things can be very overwhelming .

To help you in the task, we consulted with celebrity wedding coordinator Kate moon who shared some tips:

  1. Check in early

Many guests will want to send gifts soon, even as a present of engagement. Make them work by creating a single record in large department stores, which offer a wide variety of products, brands and prices.

  1. Use any of the available applications

There are many applications (one of my favorites is uncommongoods), with which from your phone you can scan new articles each time you walk through the store. Or, better yet, you can control the registry and buy new things easily.

  1. Share the responsibilities with your partner

If your partner is an early riser and coffee fan, let him or her be the person who visits the coffee section and choose the one you want. Have your future husband become involved and participate in the process.

  1. Register for a wide range of items

Some guests or family members prefer to buy a great gift, such as that kitchen helper you love or the set of silverware you always wanted to have, rather than several small ones.

But do not forget to fill your list with simpler and less expensive items, so that every wedding guest can find something that fits your budget.

  1. This is the opportunity to buy commodities to have at home

It’s easy to get carried away by the large amount of items you can find in stores, but think carefully before choosing.


Be sure to put the basic things that every home needs , such as towels, sheets, pots and kitchen items, first on your list . Do not underestimate the power of transformation of the basics to refresh a house.