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Ways To Boost The Resale Value Of Your Mobile Home


There are plenty of perks to owning your very own mobile home.  Mobile homes are not what they use to be in regards to quality, comfort, and stability.  Mobile homes are more affordable than conventional houses, and above all, they are mobile.

The ability to move your home is priceless.  Raising the value of your manufactured home is easy with just a little tender loving care.  Here are a few ways to boost the resale value of your mobile home before you move onto the next living adventure.

Location location location

Moving your manufactured home to the perfect location can positively affect the resale value of the home.  People tend to look more to the outside of their property when the outside is breathtaking, making the sale a much easier challenge to conquer.

There are a different array of benefits to be enjoyed, depending on the setting of your home.  Mobile homes are, in fact, mobile, but people do not typically buy them with the intention of moving.  Make sure the location is undeniably perfect, and the sale will happen much quicker.

Make sure your home’s identification number is visible

Your mobile home comes equipped with an identification tag.  The identification tag is small, but extremely important.  Only mobile homes that have visible identity tags will qualify for mortgage financing, and you will want your buyers to have that option.

If the mobile home is a double-wide, then your property should be equipped with two identification tags.  The identification tags tell the legality of the mobile home, and you have to make sure to keep their registration up to date.

Build a more sturdy foundation

Not only will placing your mobile home on an owned piece of property (as opposed to a rented lot) boost the value, but providing a sturdy foundation for the structure makes the property worth much more.  Reinforcing the home’s support makes people feel much safer.

If you cannot place the home on a foundation, then you should install footings for the piers.  Your anchors to the property should be tied down and firmly connected to the ground.

Upgrade light fixtures and cabinets

Upgrading some of the most used areas of the mobile home is also a great way to add resale value.  Higher quality, energy efficient light fixtures are especially appealing to buyers.

Some mobile homes come stocked with very basic cabinets and sinks.  Upgrading both the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and sinks would certainly be worth the investment once all is said and done.

Add-ons and reinforcements

Though adding an extra room, or reinforcing the walls of a mobile home sound like excellent additions to the design, they should be avoided in terms of resale.  The cost of building onto a manufactured home far outweighs the financial benefit of the addition when you sell the property.