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I am trying to buy a house, What are some websites that have homes for sale?


There is no doubting a fact that buying a home remains the top most priority for Indians. Several studies conducted over the past decade have established this point. In fact, one of the surveys pointed out that nearly 70% of middle class population in the country places buying a house as number one priority followed by job, hobbies and fun. Having said this, the process of home buying can be cumbersome, at times troublesome and filled with challenges and hence it is essential to get the basics right before starting the home buying process. One of the first priorities in the process must be to look out for trusted website that can not only provide genuine listings but can also assist during the buying process. One such credible site is Housing.com, India’s leading online real estate portal that facilitates buying, selling and renting of all kinds of real estate assets. Here are some of the unmatched benefits offered by this website.

Features only authentic properties

One of the most important benefits of Housing.com is that it features only 100% true, authentic and confirmed properties. All the real estate assets listed on this site are genuine and thoroughly verified by its super data collectors before being made available to the end users. Housing.com is renowned for this feature worldwide and is widely credited for starting this trend in India. For long, Indian public had to deal with the stigma of fraud listings, unconfirmed properties, false information, etc. However, the emergence of Housing has been a game changer in this regard.

Gives access to some of the best properties in the market

The other key feature of this website is that it gives access to thousands and thousands of properties that are amongst the best in the market in their respective segments. There is no dearth of options here and one can find property virtually at any location of India and within all budget ranges – from studio apartments in Mumbai to 1 BHK in Delhi to independent houses for sale in Hyderabad to plots and lands in Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa, etc.

User friendly

Housing.com is one of the most user friendly sites currently in India and amongst the best globally. The site comes well equipped with latest tools and technologies to make the home buying process easy, smooth and hassle-free. The all new ‘Look Up’ app, lifestyle rating, demand supply map, visibility index and price heat maps have ensured that functionalities offered by this site are of supreme standard and way ahead of its competition.

Offers several value added services

Housing.com also offers several value added services such as:

  • Rental agreement product
  • Home loans
  • Verified agents database
  • Comprehensive list of serviced apartments
  • Guidance on property related matters
  • Legal help
  • Guidance on stamp duty, registration, memorandum of understanding, etc.

All of these features make this site as the most preferred by masses.

Conclusion – Housing.com is not merely a website for hosting properties but a one stop solution for all property needs. Hence, users who do not wish to go through the hassles of home buying process can simply visit this site and register themselves based on the services they are looking at. The Housing customer care team will them do the needful.

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