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Al Hartman – The Future of Tech in Commercial Real Estate


Technology has moved to the center of our personal lives Where once it sat on the periphery and was called upon sparingly to aid us in daily tasks, it is now a constant companion adding value and comfort to an entire world.

Business tech has also exploded and has shown itself to be the right proposition. Today companies from Houston to Seattle count on technology tools to increase efficiency and improve effectiveness in every part of their businesses. The result has been a fast moving change in how business is conducted and the expectations from a business and its employees.

One business where new technology has had a large impact is in commercial construction. This multimillion dollar building industry has begun to integrate tech into every area and the results have been dramatic. Commercial real estate experts like Houston based Al Hartman now look for new technologies to be an intricate component in the cost cutting and improved quality of buildings he looks to purchase. The industry is definitely embracing these technologies. Here are a few;

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things promises to connect all physical devices together via the internet allowing them to communicate with each other seamlessly. This solution allows for the management of assets in an environment using one or multiple controllers like a smartphone or tablet computer.  On a construction site you can control autonomous trucks that carry construction materials, machinery that loads and unloads these construction materials and other machines that then transport the construction materials to its needed location. This would all be handled via a tablet computer and one person.

Although this scenario is not realistic at the moment, the construction industry is well on its way. The real estate and construction industries are customarily sluggish to adopt new innovations, but the building sector is starting to capitalize on the added benefits these technologies can provide. Autonomous vehicles are being tested live right now and many other automated and connected construction site tools are also in different phases of testing. The future looks like one where machines will be doing the majority if not all of the jobs on a construction site, utilizing technologies including the Internet of Things.


In the past when construction managers needed to get a view of how their building construction looked at all angles, this would require hiring an expensive helicopter to take shots from the air. The amount of times this could be done was limited of curse and sometime construction would need to be paused in order to check on some things that could only be checked in this manner.

The use of aerial drones as a replacement for renting helicopters to provide a photo or video, has done away with these limitations. Drones now are a mandatory tool on every construction site. They survey the site for any irregularities, give input on all key decisions and are a first option for when a dangerous situation presents itself.

Technology on construction sites today makes things easier, safer and better for those who construct buildings. Have faith in their growing use, because of their many benefits.