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Tips on Keeping Your Dog Warm This Winter

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The Winter can be a harsh season for us all, and none more so than for our furry four legged friends. During the winter, dogs need to managed with care in order to make sure that they stay as warm as possible. Now, dogs, like humans do have great coping mechanisms to stave off the cold, but a smart owner needs to do their bit for their pooches as well. If you are a dog owner, here are some of the things that you should be doing to keep your dog warm and cosy.

Winter Fashion Choices 

Clothing for dogs works two-fold, on the one hand it can greatly help them to stay warm during the summer months, and on the other, they can look great when out and about. There are some excellent dog’s fashion choices online from fashion websites like Wooflink, where you can find some great looking clothing, which will keep your dog cosy during the harsh winter months.

Protein and Fat 

Given that you are the person who gives the dog your dog its food, it is important that you really ramp up their levels of fat and protein going into the winter period. The dog will use the fat and protein not only to store fat and keep them warm, but also the protein will help their fur to become thick and grow faster so that it can also protect them from the cold.

Outdoor Limits

Try to keep outdoor time to a minimum and only take them out for short walks and bathroom breaks. Your dog will probably not thank you for cutting down on how much time they get to spend outdoors, but it will greatly help them in the long run. When dogs run about in the cold weather, they will pant heavily given that they cannot sweat and this could easily cause problems with their lungs as they breathe in a great deal of cold air. If you dog wants to play, then take it indoors during the winter time and keep your dog safe and warm.

Beefed Up Bedding

It is not just the outdoors where dogs can get cold, very often our homes can become cold places, especially at night. With this in mind then, you should make sure that you are giving your dog some additional bedding and blankets which will keep them warm throughout the night. You also ought to think about placing the dog’s bed somewhere else in the house such as upstairs where it can be warmer for longer. During the night the dog will happily look after itself in terms of staying warm, you just need to give it the tools to do exactly that.

Wrapping up in the winter is not just about you and your family, it is also about ensuring that our pets are also prepared for the colder weather. Follow these steps, and help your dog to stay warm.