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How To Show Political Support Beyond the Vote

American politics need citizen activism. However, many people don’t trust political parties or politicians. Many think voting is the only way to take part in political activism. There are straightforward ways to get involved in politics, and every American has a voice.


Before You Vote

There are several ways to show political activism before heading to the polls. Create a voting plan and share it with others. This creates positive peer pressure to encourage others to also make a plan to vote. Social pressure is more persuasive than you may think.

You can show your support for a particular candidate in several ways prior to election day. You could make your own political t-shirts or tote bags to show your support while out and about. You can create social media posts or share links to your candidate’s webpage and ads to show your followers why you have chosen to support a particular candidate.

Learn to Lobby

Civic duty doesn’t only apply to electing candidates. Political activism can be voicing your opinion to elected officials to encourage them to vote in ways that reflect your beliefs and values. A simple phone call or letter is all it takes to get started lobbying your legislators.

You can add some social impact to your lobbying by creating videos or posts related to your political beliefs. Leverage these mediums to encourage others who share your opinion to take action and lobby their elected officials as well. A topic that picks up momentum on social media can have a significant impact on legislators.

Become a Volunteer

Political campaigns require a lot of manpower. From fundraising efforts to canvasing neighbors to hand out materials, there are many ways to volunteer. It doesn’t have to be a huge chunk of time either. A few hours on a weekend can help.

Volunteers don’t only work on campaigns for political candidates. Ballot initiatives need signatures to be placed on the ballot. If there is a cause or measure you feel strongly about this can be a great way to show your support. You will be able to educate voters on why the issue is important and how their signature and vote can help provide a solution to the problem.

It’s easy to be disenfranchised by politics today. However, Americans have an incredible ability to actively take part in the political system beyond just voting in an election. Politics can change with citizen activism.