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Top Reasons Why You Should Have Promotional Products for Your Business

Promotional Products

Promotional materials are seen as effective in growing a business. By printing your logo on a usable product such as a T-shirt, pen, cup, keychain or paper bags, you can increase the likelihood of getting found. You can even couple your promotional materials with your digital marketing tactics by printing the logo together with your website URL or social media handle.

But how helpful is a promotional product really in increasing your sales or expanding customer reach? Here are the top reasons why you must consider getting your own promotional merchandise for your business:

Lower marketing cost

Whether you’re a startup or a large business owner, using promotional merchandise can help you lower your marketing expenses. Contrary to popular belief, promotional products aren’t costly. There is always a perfect package for every budget.

It’s way more expensive to use wide-reaching ads on printed or broadcast media. You will most likely spend up to £30,000 for a 30-second ad aired on TV during peak hours. While radio ads cost a bit less, you will most likely spend not less than £1,000. Customised merchandise will only cost you £200 to £800 depending on the product or number of units.

Gain instant and prolonged exposure

It’s easier to get remembered if you give your customers giveaways that they can truly use. Unlike traditional ads which only aim to send messages about your latest promotions, giveaways give more value to your existing and potential customers.

Furthermore, merchandise has a long lifespan. Unlike ads that will only appear for a few times, physical promotional materials impact your brand longer. If you want to get more return for your money, you should begin embracing the value of promotional giveaways.

For example, you can give personalised mugs bearing your company name or logos to your best customers. They can in return, bring them to the office or their homes for their friends to see. The more usable your giveaway items are, the better your chances of spreading brand awareness.

Cultivate customer loyalty

Giveaways items like T-shirts, flash drives, shopping bags, coasters and desk pads provide a lot of value to a customer. You can create a reward system that will prompt your customers to buy more so they can gain points for redeemable prizes. If you provide them with good-quality giveaways, they will surely come back for more.

Leave a positive impression

Forget using business cards to promote your company. Distributing small pieces of paper with your company name, logo and contact details is a bit old-school. Try to be more creative. You can always invest in promotional materials to spread the word.

Choose highly usable materials like shopping bags, bags, mugs, sports bottles, glasses and coasters to ensure that they last longer. To stay consistent with your brand, you should select merchandise that will best represent your products and services.

Select the best company to produce your promotional merchandise. You should check the quality of their products, the type of printing method used and their reputation among their customers. We recommend checking their rates too and comparing them with other providers to ensure that you get the best deals.