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The Popularity of Subscription Boxes Explained

Subscription Boxes

Monthly mail-order subscriptions are increasing in popularity. You can get anything for a subscription fee, including goods like coffee, dog treats, and uncooked foods. These subscription boxes help prevent buyer’s remorse and allow retailers to retain customers through subscriptions.

Why Do People Purchase Subscription Boxes?

People purchase these subscription boxes for a few different reasons. For many, it is the reward of getting a surprise once a month. Both ordering and receiving things releases dopamine. This is a very powerful neurotransmitter inside the brain, which controls the pleasure response. So essentially, belonging to the best coffee of the month club gives you a powerful rush of happy chemicals.

These boxes also narrow customer choices. Customers may become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices that they have when shopping. They freeze when they are offered too much, and this causes them not to buy. Since boxes are tailored to the individual, it stops this from happening. Customers get a variety without being bombarded by choices.

What Kinds of Boxes Are There?

There are quite a few different boxes to choose from. Beauty boxes that contain beauty supplies and makeup. There are dog boxes that contain products for your canine companion. There are men’s boxes that contain hygiene products just for men. There are food boxes that contain uncooked food and recipes for you to prepare it. Pretty much, there is a box for just about everything.

Who Buys Subscription Boxes?

In a word, everyone. Although millennials order the most subscription boxes, they are not only for millennials. As the subscription box craze moves forward, groups like baby boomers and hipsters have joined the crowd. Since there is a massive variety in the goods you can get as a subscription box, they can appeal to almost any age or gender.

Whether your order a subscription box or not is a personal choice. Some people would prefer to order a specific item that they pick. Other people like the surprise that these boxes offer.