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The Best Marketing Strategies for Tech Brands

Technology is integral to our everyday lives as millions of people rely on various technologies to accomplish the tasks that keep society running. The world of technology is vast and ever-evolving. Staying ahead of the curve and, more importantly, ahead of the competition is not easy. Marketing tech requires a plan and careful strategy. While skating by with the bare minimum was possible a few years ago, it is no longer enough. Standing out among other B2B or B2C tech brands is no simple task, but you can separate your brand from the ever-growing crowd by using the best marketing practices. Whether you want to sell wireless headphones, a computer, or a new OS, use these marketing strategies to take your sales to the next level.

Marketing Strategies

What is Your Goal

Before you can set about improving your marketing tactics and actively increasing sales, you must know precisely what you are trying to accomplish. There is no point in expending all this effort unless you have a goal in mind. Some companies might think of having a simple goal of “increasing sales” if enough, but that goal could be better. A vague goal might give you a direction to head in, but it will not tell you if you achieve your goal. Take the time to create a specific and measurable goal that will guide your marketing tactics. Push past the vague goal of “increase sales” and opt for a better plan like “increasing sales of headphones by 15% by the second quarter using digital promotion”. A seemingly overly-detailed goal lets you directly measure your efforts to see if you are on the right track and if you have achieved your goal at the end. You can only truly tell if your efforts worked if you have something to measure against, otherwise, you could attribute success or failure to anything.

Influencer Marketing

Brand name and trustworthiness matter. Customers rely on personal relationships with brands and might be unlikely to trust a brand they have never heard of. Convincing a fresh customer to buy your product is easier said than done, but you can employ some help to make the process simpler. Many customers follow influencers that specialize in various niches. If you want to widen your reach and sell gaming headsets to new customers, partnering with a gaming-centric influencer is a good choice. By partnering with an influencer, you are borrowing some of their credibility and customer trust while also expanding your brand’s reach. Customers might not trust you, but they trust their influencer, and if their influencer recommends your products, the customer is more likely to give it a try. Influencer marketing is similar to client or customer testimonials; showing new customers that previous customers trust your brand helps with your reach and credibility.

Tech brand Marketing Strategies

Tell A Story With Quality

Many people’s eyes glaze over if you unload technical specs right out of the gate when it comes to technology. While tech specs are important and certainly do matter, that is not how you will hook most new customers. For the tech-inclined customer who understands what tech specs mean, the blunt information will be invaluable, but that does not apply to the majority of casual tech users. Before you list out your product’s technical capabilities, hook people with high-quality content that connects on a personal level. Use video content to show your company leaders, talk about how your brand was founded, and what values are at your core. Start with an easy to understand personal story while incorporating humor and personality before detailing your technical specs. Customers, businesses, or consumers, want a connection, so take the time to create high-quality content that does more than just list off facts.

Content should also be useful to your customers. Creating blogs, webinars, and tutorials for common questions is another way to give your customers value while still marketing to them. You can also tie these helpful resources to an account, so customers must give you some contact information to begin. That way, you have a contact point for later, and your customer got the information they wanted.

Marketing for tech brands is a complex world. The tech realm is vast and continually expanding. The best marketing strategies begin with a measurable goal, so you can always tell if something is working or not. Use influencer marketing to reach new audiences and increase credibility with unfamiliar customers. Your marketing content must play to what customers want to see and what they respond to. Create high-quality content that tells a story before unloading the denser technical details. Content should also provide something of value to your customers. Marketing is a two-way street; your customers need something in return for reading or watching through your marketing materials.