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Know about the Instagram Tools Which Helps in Selling


Instagram has become an essential part of the social media strategy. It plays a great role in engaging the audience so that the brand awareness can be increased in real time. Let us go through the add-on tools of Instagram that can be used for marketing.

Penny: The small business owners can be benefitted with this low cost option. The buyers and the sellers must register with this tool and integrate their Instagram accounts with Penny. The information regarding the payment and shipping can be provided by the buyers during the time of the registration. The seller can use hash tags like #PayWithPenny and can use this seller tag in the comment section. When the buyer tags #sold, the transaction takes place with the help of the software. Sellers are required to pay a fee of 3% per transaction and the buyer can operate without any cost.

Soldsie: This particular tool can both be used in Instagram as well as Facebook. When the sellers have registered the Soldsie and integrated with Instagram accounts, they can easily load their products. When the images are posted in the Instagram accounts, the buyers can include the information about the color and the size and can mention ‘sold’ in the comment section for buying. The caption of the products, set by the buyers, must clearly specify the product details. The software sends an invoice mail to the buyer by default. Transaction fee starts from 5.9% but reduces when your monthly costs increase.

LetSell.It: It is an app based platform where both the buyers and the sellers are required to download it. The products must be registered with the platform for selling. They must be added with a photograph as well as the product description. Instamacro can help you in describing the stage wise process after downloading this particular app. The buyers can directly negotiate with the seller through the online chat option offered by this tool. This app helps in tracking the sales and the purchases, the negotiation records and many more. The sellers are required to pay the fee only if the sale is completed.

Shopseen: This is another effective platform where the profile links of Instagram can be used. The system updates of the Shopseen are available throughout various sales channels, through which the order management process can be run smoothly. It integrates with the major shipping organizations so that the selling process can be completed without any hindrances. The seller can upload pictures of the products with the relevant captions. Through the bio link, the buyers can access the page easily. The Instagram users need not have a Shopseen account. They can perform the transaction by using this platform by paying through credit cards. The app is entirely based on the picture, description and the hash tag #forsale. This app can be connected through the Instagram accounts of both the buyers and the sellers. The buyers can use the search option to find the products of their choice. For verifying identities, you may enter the credit card information in this app. But you need not worry about the security of this software as the information remains encrypted due to the security reasons.

Spreesy: With three different options, this software is very helpful for the works of their clients. The Instagram posts can be made attractive as well as easy to shop with the help of this particular app.

You must identify your business needs before using the tools and understand which one suit you best. The product pictures which are being posted must be clearly visible and the description must be written in simple languages, so that the audience can easily understand them.

Author Bio: George Wilson is a well known Social Media marketer who works in Instamacro. In this article, he talks about the tools and the apps of Instagram which are useful in increasing the profits of your business.