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How to Use Effective Text on Exhibition Banner Stands

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Designing a banner stand is no simple matter. But there are certain rules and suggestions to follow that will make it more likely that your banner stand will be successful in the business environment. You need to think about colour and size, images and placement, but above all you need to consider text. The text you use on a banner display is highly important. The most pressing thing to remember is that people do not have more than a few seconds to notice and read the banner, so it pays to be clear and succinct. Here are a few more ideas on how to use text effectively on a display stand banner.

Remember Less is More

When you are designing a pop up banner or a roll up banner, the first thing you have to think about is simplicity. No one will read a display stand that is completely full of text, or where there are too many images competing for attention with text. The text on your banner should be short, and it should be memorable – not long-winded for the sake of it.

Use the White Space

The power of white space on a display banner is such that your customers will be much more likely to notice and interact with a display banner that makes effective use of white space, than one where every particle of white space is crammed with images or text. Don’t be tempted to try and fit too much onto a display stand without considering the design advantages of plenty of white space around minimal text and images.

Balance Text with Images

Successful exhibition banner stands use a small selection of the right images to make a good impression. Using images is important but don’t overdo it – one or two impactful images are worth more than six or seven poor quality and irrelevant pictures. Choose high quality images that directly speak to your customers.

Keep Text Meaningful

Don’t get lazy and resort to clichés and sales speak on your banners. Look for text that says something about your individual brand and what you deliver. You can turn a dull exhibition stand around with clever use of interesting, short text.

Keep Text Bold

There is no need to include small print on a banner or display unless you are legally obliged to do so. Make sure that your text is large enough to be able to be read from a distance, and make sure that any messages you have on your banner are not hidden in too-small fonts. You want to be noticed, and effective text in the right format will help this happen.

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