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How to Design a Banner: Our Top Tips

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Are you looking for an impactful, professional banner to promote your business? When designing outdoor and indoor banners it is essential to come up with a clear and clean design that is easy to notice, and easy to read. It depends where you want to display your banner, and the type of message you want to impart, as to how your banner will turn out. Take a look at these tips to see how you can design a better banner for your business needs:

Designing Outdoor Banners

Effective outdoor banner printing is all down to making a sign that is immediately easy to read in just a few seconds. You need to design something that people driving or walking past will see and notice, and understand, in a very short time. This is no space for elaborate or intricate artwork or text. It is imperative that your outdoor banner is simple and stands out.

How do you ensure that a banner stands out when it is designed for outdoor use? Take care with the colour scheme to make sure that the lettering can be read from a distance – black on white is always effective, as is white on blue. Make sure that your message is clear and that the key information is larger than the rest of the information. If you want a specific part of the banner to stand out, use a different colour.

You also need to pay attention to the right material for an outdoor banner. Strong banners like pvc banners and vinyl banners will be able to withstand the weather and will look good for the amount of time you need them to advertise your event or business promotion.

Creating Indoor Banners

When it comes to banner printing for indoor banners, the same rules apply about creating a banner with a clean and clear message. When your banner is inside you also need to make sure that you instantly attract people’s attention. You need to create an attractive banner, with the most relevant information placed at the centre of the banner. It is possible, and desirable, to use photos and images on indoor banners like pull up banners and pop up banners. If you are promoting a particular product then it is a good idea to add a photo of it to the banner. When you are designing for indoors, you don’t have to have such high-impact colours, and a more muted colour scheme can be used so long as the text remains easy to read and the colours are in keeping with your company’s colours and your overall marketing aims.

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