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Four Elements of a Good Digital Marketing Strategy

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Although there are many differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing, one fundamental aspect is the same. You need to first come up with a marketing plan or strategy, and the most important element is knowing where to advertise your product or service. The following are among the most important avenues to consider for your advertising dollar.
Content marketing
This may be the most important element in your marketing strategy, but it is also a long-term project. Content marketing starts with a good website that is attractive and easy to use. At this point, you need to fill it with quality content. Most of this will pertain to your company’s product or service, but all of it will be informative. Websites with quality content are bookmarked by users and referenced again and again. In addition, search engines love websites with a lot of good content. Although there are faster ways to get noticed by a search engine, they are often fleeting. A steady growth of good content will attract search engines, and your site will be ranked higher in these search engines. Naturally, this will help people find your website and increase the number of people who know about your products.
Search engines
Along with a good website and quality content, you can advertise on search engines. This can be a fast way to get Internet users to come to your site. Using keywords that relate directly to what you are offering consumers, an advertisement will be displayed when one of these keywords is used in the search box. Search engines are used by everyone, so the trick is finding the right keywords to pay for. Some of this is trial and error, but there are professionals that have a lot of skill in this area. This type of advertising produces quality traffic to your site; however, you will need to capture this traffic and convert it to sales.
Banner and display ads
You have seen these ads on websites all over the Internet. This type of marketing is no different than placing advertisements in newspapers and magazines in the past. The success or failure of an ad campaign will have a lot to do with the particular websites that you advertise on. Just like running an ad in the print media, you will need to track the number of responses as well as the conversion to sales. At this point, it is a simple analysis of whether the cost of the advertisement was worth it or not.
Internet videos
It seems like there are more videos than ever before on the Internet, and when they are made well and have a good message, they can be extremely productive, but even with a well produced video, there still remains the problem of where to place it. Naturally, YouTube is an obvious choice, but you will need to generate traffic to the video. Another option is to integrate the video with your website. You can drive traffic to YouTube and host the video there, or you can simply host the video on your site.
Of course, knowing where to advertise is only a part of the equation for digital marketing success. You must also know how best to implement your advertising for each specific platform. This can be the most difficult part of success, and it is often best to get the help from a professional marketing firm like iCrossing, which is a leader in digital marketing space. iCrossing, along with similar agencies, offer a wide range of digital marketing services.