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Focusing on Writing Authoritative Content


Just as important as an engaging website design and SEO keyword links is authoritative content. Adaptivity Pro employs talented writers that take websites to the next level by including thoroughly researched content.

Researching Subjects

It is important that websites feature thoroughly researched material, as this gives companies authoritative status.

  • Features, Benefits and Stakeholders – For example, it is best to incorporate topics rather than directly discuss a topic. Instead of discussing how to make money day trading stocks, consider topics about how to research topics for day trading and offer several different options, so it appeals to multiple types of readers.
  • Always Outline Topics Beforehand – Make an outline beforehand to make sure the content flows. This includes addressing the following:
  • Who, what, when, where, why and how
  • Appropriate headings and subheadings
  • Useful external resources and examples that relate to the content
  • The tone and premise of the article

Authoritative Sources

Wikipedia is not an accurate source of information. There are many reliable sources of information. Cite these sources and provide links within the article, which will vary depending upon the topic.

  • Economic Data
  • Consumer Surveys
  • Interviews with Related Authorities or Specialists
  • Crime Data
  • Census Data
  • Medical Research

Enhance Content

A well-researched article should include videos, statistics, graphics, infographics and charts. We live in a society that prefers visual elements, so it is best to include the following, when appropriate:

  • Charts to show data
  • Infographics to show information
  • Compilations of quotes
  • Economic or crime data maps

Trending Topics

It is also a good idea to research news and questions related to article content. Research press coverage, existing questions and look in search engines for trending topics.