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Five Ways to Use Signs to Build Brand Awareness


Everybody seems to be stuck on the idea that digital marketing is the most efficient way to promote a business, but you shouldn’t underestimate the power of traditional sign and banner advertising. Of course, it’s smart to have a website that customers can easily find, but it takes time and patience to build an online following. By combining online and traditional sign and banner advertising in your marketing campaign, you can reach a broader audience in your local area and beyond.

Signs need to draw attention with standout graphics and a well-thought out design, and they need to tell viewers about your business in as few words as possible. People often only see banners and billboards for a couple of seconds as they drive by, and pedestrians rarely stop to read several paragraphs on a poster. Striking, well-designed signs that show your business in its best light can help your marketing efforts in the ways listed below.

Use Sign Advertising to Your Advantage

It’s worth researching which media platforms could significantly bolster your marketing efforts to create an effective campaign, but you should at least look into business signage, because it can help in the following ways.

  1. Stand-Up Banners

Depending on your location, you may experience long bouts of warm weather every year, giving you the chance to capture people’s attention with stand-up banners displayed on the sidewalk or next to your entrance. Even during the coldest times of the year, you can still display your signs indoors to build brand awareness. Stand-up banners are useful for trade show exhibitions because they’re easy to assemble and transport. Plus, they take up barely any storage room when you don’t need them.

  1. Window Art and Graphics

Window graphics are a more permanent form of advertising than stand-up banners because you can use them all year round regardless of the weather, and many motorists will notice them as they drive past. You can have them designed however you like and easily apply them to windows. Using the colors featured on your printed marketing materials is a good way to build brand awareness. If you run a gym or a membership-based business, you can advertise rates and opening times that rarely change on your window graphics.

  1. Car Graphics

It’s easy to reach a wide audience in your local area using car wraps and graphics, especially if your job involves lots of driving. You might drive past thousands of motorists every day, giving you an opportunity to tell them about your business and provide contact details. Car graphics capture attention because they make your vehicle stand out, though your images should be subtle rather than distracting. The biggest benefit of car graphics is that they reach your local customers, making it an excellent form of advertising for small businesses and those starting a home business.

  1. Floor Mats and Graphics

Advertising on the floor may sound strange, but it’s useful in the right situations. If you exhibit at a busy trade show, your potential customers may often find themselves looking at the floor in congested areas, and when they’re trying to avoid catching eyes with a stranger, they’ll take the time to read the signs they can see. If you can put the image of your brand in people’s minds, they will spot your stall instantly as they navigate the trade show.

  1. Billboards

Small to medium-sized businesses may not have the resources or the need to advertise on billboards, but they’re an effective way to reach motorists on the highway if you operate on a large scale. Billboards are particularly useful for businesses who want to reach a state-wide audience but don’t have the means to advertise on local TV. Plus, hundreds of thousands of people will likely see your billboards.

Don’t Put Everything into Digital Marketing

Online advertising is the most modern form of marketing, but it’s not the only method that can bring impressive results. Signs have been used for centuries to entice customers to pay interest in businesses, and they’re still effective now if you have them designed and manufactured by a reliable company with a proven track record. If you use signs in the ways listed above, you’ll reach a broad audience without spending heaps of cash.