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Billboards or Online Advertising – What Works Better?


If you want to advertise your business, you may be considering billboard advertisements. But have you also considered local SEO? SEO – or search engine optimization – is one of the strongest advertising methods available today. Not too long ago, if you wanted to make sure your local market was aware of you, you had to make sure you were in the phonebook and have plenty of printed media around as well. Signs continue to be important to small businesses and they should not be forgotten, but they certainly aren’t primary anymore. And the telephone book is about as close to a waste of money as you can get. Today, customers search for you using different methods, the main one being through the internet. If you can make sure that you pique their online interest, then you are also ready to reel them in.

Local Advertising Sources

There are plenty of sources for local advertising around. Billboard ads are one of them, but so is word of mouth and flyers. Billboards are known to be very effective, because they are so visible. However, they are also incredibly expensive and you have no control over who gets targeted by it. Local SEO, by contrast, specifically looks for the customers that are in your target demographic. This is done through various processes, including content writing and directory postings.

Why Pay for Local SEO?

Local SEO is very intangible and we have been used to printed marketing for so long that many businesses still struggle to understand how it will benefit them. They also worry that, by engaging in online marketing, they will attract customers from half way around the globe, rather than those who live around the corner and actually matter. International, and even national, SEO is something that you may want to engage in, particularly if you do serve customers from around the world, but local SEO is all about reaching those customers who are actually in your geographical area. The reality is that people are more likely to enter your physical store if they have come across you online.

Online content contains keywords and by adding your location to that keyword, you will immediately engage in local SEO. Of course, there is a lot more to it than that, which is why you should ask for a professional company to assist you with it, as they will also make sure that your site is listed with the important localization services such as Google My Places and Yahoo Local.

Local SEO, in a sense, is a form of niche marketing. The difference is that it doesn’t focus on a specific type of market, but rather a geographical market. Doing so enables you to actually reach your own community. You probably have no idea how many people in your locality are currently looking for your business, and this is something you must try to find out. Not engaging in local SEO is more than a missed opportunity: it means that you are not moving with the times.