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Which cakes should you bring home to celebrate Father’s Day?

Fathers day cakes

Without cakes, one cannot think of celebrate any special occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, promotion day, or Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. For the upcoming Father’s Day occasion, if you still haven’t finalized the cake to be ordered, you can have a look below and decide the father’s day cake for your dad.

Mango Cake: Mango is the best fruit for summer season and the sweet taste coupled with a soothing smell makes it a favorite among people. This is the season for ripe mangoes and including that in cakes would give an intense flavor to the cake. Mango pulp is mixed with the cake batter and finally some freshly cut mango slices are used to garnish the cake.

Lemon Zest Cake: Lime has a beautiful fragrance that rejuvenates the mind. In the midst of June which is the sultriest time of the year, people generally like these kind of flavors. So, either make a lemon zest cake or order it from any online cake shops to celebrate your dad’s special day. The sweet and tangy flavor of this cake would definitely be loved by your dad.

Jack Daniels Cake: Don’t get it wrong! This is not a cake made with Jack Daniels Whiskey. But cake artists can make a cake that carries the shape of a Jack Daniels bottle with proper labels marked on it. Your dad would be super surprised with this innovative father’s day cake idea.

Fruit and Chocolate Gateau Cake: A chocolate cake is interlaced with seasonal fruits and Chantilly cream and this offers an enjoyable and sumptuous dessert. Chantilly cream is made with vanilla essence, powdered sugar, and fresh cream is used. A chocolate sponge cake is divided into three parts. The bottom layer of the cake is soaked in fruit juice, sugar syrup, and water and half of the Chantilly cream is spread along with fruits. Now for the rest of the layers of the chocolate cake, the same criteria is followed.

Designer Tier Cake: Generally, in tier cake, fondant layers are used. You can prescribe the desired flavor and that can be vanilla, red velvet, chocolate, or marble, etc. Make it two or three tiers and ask the cake artist to design the cake keeping father’s day theme in mind. He can put a small tie, bow and wallet figures at the top of the cake depicting the get up of a dad.

Black Forest Cake: This is the most regular cake which perhaps everyone loves. So, you cannot get wrong while you are presenting a Black Forest Cake to your dad. The amazing chocolate sponge cake decorated perfectly with cream and cherries would be a lovely idea to greet your dad on his special day.

Photo Cake: Last but not the least, you can also try this latest photo cake where your dad’s picture would be etched on the cake. Select a nice picture and get this cake for your dad on father’s day. The flavors are generally the regular vanilla or chocolate for this cake with proper cream garnishing at the top.