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Westside Family Church: How to Find Happiness Throughout Your Life


From our earliest memories, we will find that one of my greatest goals is to find happiness. It might be something as simple as wanting to grab our favorite teddy bear or something is complicated is trying to build a worldwide non-profit to end hunger. Both goals fit the same agenda and that is to help us to be more content.

For many people in the world, happiness is elusive. They often think that the best they can actually hope for is to find happiness for small periods and having the rest of life be tolerable. But what if that is the case? And what if you could actually be happy all the time? Perhaps there’s a way for you to make happiness your default position in life. Here are a few things that are known to create happiness and to keep you in a happy place.

Join a Good Church

A good church can provide the foundation for a good life. Churches like Westside Family Church shoot the heart of a community of people who are seeking to make sense of their lives and to contribute to the world. Those who worship at a church are humbling themselves to our creator and acknowledging that there are more important things than us in this life.

We contribute with our money and our time and commit to help those less fortunate than us and those who have fallen on bad times. In exchange we receive entry into a community of believers who treat us like family and love us unconditionally.

We also get to bring order to our lives amidst the chaos of this world. We place all of those troubles that are too large for us into the hands of our creator, knowing that they will be handled to our satisfaction. These attributes bring calm and happiness and they can continue for the length of our lives.

Let the Small Things Go

Everyday nearly every life it will be big and small problems. If you are lucky, you will avoid the big ones most of the time, but everyone will constantly have small problems. Perhaps you go shopping, and when you come back you find that your car has been run into by someone. Maybe an employee who you love it leaving for a more high-paying job. Or you might come home one day to find that one of your children is will not eat his vegetables.

On the surface, these can you seem like very big problems, but actually they are everyday problems that can and will likely be solved satisfactorily. What is important as these types of problems arise is to put them in the right perspective and to not hold on to any emotional issues relating to them. In other words don’t sweat the small stuff. It is okay if the Starbucks cashier gives you the wrong change, or if someone used your favorite coffee mug at work. These little things should be let go and your focus placed on bigger issues that really deserve your time and attention.