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Things to Consider Before Buying Your First E-cigarette


If you’re planning on joining the ranks of millions of people who have already ditched traditional smoking methods and have adopted vaping and e-cigarette solutions instead, then congratulations. It can be a big step to change any smoking-related routine – even when you’re not giving up nicotine – which is why it is important to be prepared.

Having an idea of what is similar and different between the two is essential before you begin your journey with e-cigarettes. As such, we’ve put together a list of items you’ll want to consider before you decide on your very first e-cigarette solution.

Vapor Production

With traditional cigarettes, there really isn’t much to consider. Besides flavor and cost, cigarettes are pretty identical in terms of the experience. With e-cigarettes and vaping in general, however, there is a lot of variance. One of these elements is the amount of vapor (“smoke”) produced by each device. Some devices are built to produce massive amounts of vapor that far exceed what a normal cigarette produces ( to see some examples), while others more closely resemble that of a traditional cigarette. The specific desires and needs of each individual will vary, so consider your options carefully.

Pricing and Quality

Several years ago, most e-cigarette solutions were quite expensive. As the quality has improved, the costs have decreased across the board. Nevertheless, there remains a substantial number of choices available on the market when it comes to both price and quality. Some economy e-cigarette starter packages systems can be acquired – complete with juice – for $40 or less. Other premium solutions are also available, which can be hundreds of dollars’ worth of investment. While it is not always the case, cost often parallels that of quality. The more that is spent, generally the better the equipment and the more powerful of an experience it provides. There is nothing wrong with starting small and getting comfortable with the concept at first, however.

In most cases, the cost of equipment plus liquid generally pays for itself within a period of a few months at most.


Some e-cigarette and vaping systems are more commonly available than others. Generally speaking, you’ll find better deals on the internet than you’ll find in a vaping store locally. It is worth noting, however, that the ability to acquire replacement coils, batteries, e-liquid and a variety of other accessories when needed is also important. While a great initial cost through an online vendor is important, you may also want to make sure that you can find flavors, tanks and other equipment you need on a moment’s notice nearby.

Nicotine Level

Different e-cigarette systems will work best with different levels of nicotine. Generally, the more vapor that is produced, the lower the amount of nicotine is needed. Nobody wants to unnecessarily up their nicotine dependence by vaping too much nicotine, but it’s also necessary to couple equipment and juice for another reason. If a high-nicotine juice is paired with a powerful vaping solution, the result is often foul-tasting vapor that is unenjoyable. Nobody wants that, so always be sure to consider that the nicotine level in a juice should match the equipment and vapor production accordingly.

Let us know what your e-cigarette experience has been like and what you’re considering before you buy by posting below!