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The Top 5 Benefits of an Inpatient Rehab


The road of addiction is often a long one, with plenty of twists, turns, potholes and speed bumps along the way. It can be a long time coming before somebody admits that they can’t beat addiction on their own, requiring many to muster every fiber of human strength to accept this reality. While every form of addiction is different, the struggles often parallel one another. Without proper and professional help, many people risk relapsing because they failed to obtain the necessary tools and counseling to beat the addiction. While outpatient rehab services can be quite helpful in some cases, there are several benefits to inpatient rehab: let’s talk below about five crucial ones.

You’ll Have Structure

Anybody who is comparing the benefits, drawbacks and differences of outpatient and inpatient drug rehab should immediately understand that structure and support are crucial differences between the two. When you commit to an inpatient program, your life will suddenly change and you’ll be given virtually no free time to contemplate how to gain access to your addiction. In an outpatient setting, your willpower has to be phenomenally strong during those first days or else you will fall short. When dealing with inpatient programs, you’ll have a structured schedule that keeps you busy – idle hands are the biggest reason behind relapses.

Steady Support Systems

Depending on your situation on the outside, you may or may not have stable support systems to encourage your decision to quit. In an inpatient facility, however, you’ll be surrounded by individuals and professionals who are trained to provide you with that needed service. These support systems are important and apply not only to your physical state, but also your mental and emotional ones. Whether it is psychological or medical assistance that is needed during recovery, an inpatient facility’s support systems far exceed what an outpatient service can provide.

Medical Supervision

Depending on your addiction and the severity of its withdrawals, medical supervision may not just be a good idea: it may be a necessity. Any quality inpatient rehabilitation program will have on-site medical professionals available 24/7 to assist. These medical professionals can assist not only with any physical side effects of withdrawal, but the mental and psychological symptoms as well.

Benefits for the Family

Whether you have a spouse and children, or merely just a broader family who you’re often around,  inpatient rehab can protect them from the pain of watching you recover. It is almost a given that any rehab process will be physically and mentally painful for those participating; you will feel emotionally and physically drained in many cases. This can lead to lashing out, fits of anger and general sadness for you and those around you. By choosing an inpatient service, you’ll shield them from these nitty-gritty situations.

No Temptation

Last but not least, inpatient rehab programs ensure that you’re not able to relapse during your most vulnerable moments. With outpatient services, you go home each day and can easily relapse during your most difficult times. An inpatient program will protect you from doing so and can make the difference between success and failure. You’ll still have to struggle with these temptations post-rehab, but the worst of the situation will be over by then.

These five benefits of inpatient rehab are just a few of the numerous advantages you’ll enjoy during detox when compared to outpatient programs. If you have the time and ability to commit to an inpatient program, it is definitely worth the effort.