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Replacing Bad Habits With Good Ones

replacing bad habit

When it comes to establishing a better life for yourself, one of the first things that you can take on is the idea of replacing bad habits with good ones. Since habits are so pervasive in your daily life, you’ll find that each small habit that you take on in this way will compound itself over time, giving you quite drastic, positive results for your efforts.

Consider the positive effects of habit replacement when it comes to things like addiction recovery, understanding habits in the first place, choosing a style of habit replacement that fits with your life tempo, using technology to aid in this process, and even talking to people who’ve had success with what you’re trying to accomplish.

Addiction Recovery

One of the most life changing forms of habit replacement to absorb is the attempt at addiction recovery. Once drug or alcohol addiction becomes habitual, in the classically defined sense, not only do you have to attempt to get rid of the consequences of your behavior, you also have to attempt to get rid of the original causes. This is extremely hard, and can often seem impossible until you take it on from a habitual point of view.

Understanding Habits In the First Place

But in order to work through habit replacement methods, you have to understand habits in the first place. It’s a good thing that in the modern world, scientists and especially psychologists, have put in a tremendous amount of effort to help understand how habits work. And once this understanding has been established, then it’s just a matter of specifically acting on triggers (both physical and mental), and figuring out how to either prevent those triggers from happening, or create a better reactionary construct when they do occur.

Find a Method You Like

There are all kinds of resources for adjusting habits. There are ones based on physical effort, or mental effort, or spiritual effort, or a combination of all of those together. The rule for breaking and making new habits, though, is that you have to make the method work for you, not make yourself work for the method.

Use Technology To Aid You

One great thing about the mobile revolution is that when it comes to replacing habits, you have a personal assistant with you all the time to keep you on target and continue to motivate you as necessary. Once you find a few get phone apps to help you focus, you’ll have a much better chance of accomplishing your goals.

Talk To People With Success Stories

There’s also the matter of talking to people individually who’ve succeeded at the particular kind of habit breaking that you need to go through. It might be chemical, like drugs and alcohol, or it could be behavioral. But, if you find someone to mentor you, that’s also a good way to improve your chances for success.