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Motivation for the Good Things In Life


Sometimes the difference between getting something done and accomplishing a goal and otherwise staying static is how well you find the right motivation. If you take a few steps back from where your headspace currently is, you can look at a goal in terms of small incremental steps. Then, all you have to do is find the motivation for each action.

Some of the good things in life that you can consistently work toward include getting fit, eating better, being a better person, and getting smarter. As goals, as long as you work to achieve them in a rational and empathetic manner, they are great things to cultivate motivation for.

Getting Fit 

It would be a terrible thing to get older and feel worse about your body. That’s why it’s so important to get fit. But, getting fit takes work. And that’s where gym motivation comes into the equation. It’s difficult doing work that feels like effort without seeing any results. That’s why you have to extend your timeline and set reasonable goals. You can’t expect to look like a bodybuilder after three days. That’s why you have to have a plan, and you have to understand that instant gratification regarding fitness is probably not going to happen.

Eating Better 

You are what you eat. And if you don’t look like you want to look, and you don’t feel how you want to feel, then a good place to start improving yourself is by eating better. Follow a balanced diet, set goals for yourself that don’t make you feel like you’re punishing your body, and maybe have a group of people that are all trying to eat better together. Social pressure is a great way to stick with the straight and narrow, especially if you’re trying to adjust some of your more long-standing nutritional habits.

Being a Better Person 

If you feel like you’re angry, sarcastic, rude, or people find you difficult to be around, maybe you need some motivation to become a better person. Since everyone is different, this motivation will come in different ways. But, ultimately it is the intrinsic feeling of improving yourself as a human that will move you the furthest along this path.

Getting Smarter 

For some people, getting smarter is a good goal. And the motivation for this particular goal might be that you admire people who are very intelligent. Maybe you enjoy listening to people who are well-spoken. Maybe you enjoy discussing things with people who have a significant amount of knowledge about specific topics. By finding ways to get smarter, you are improving your chances to live a more satisfying and meaningful life. The motivation to become smarter will come from that desire to appreciate more of life around you.