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How to Stop Smoking Cigarettes


Quitting smoking is both a big and smart decision. While you might enjoy smoking, it will be anything but kind to your health. To live a full life, it’s time to quit the bad habit for good. Read our handy tips on how to stop smoking cigarettes.

Write a List of Your Likes and Dislikes

The first thing you must do is write a list about everything you like or don’t like about smoking. We bet the dislikes will outweigh the likes, as it will include concerns about costing too much money, cravings at work and the impact it can cause to your family.

Set a Date to Quit

Quitting smoking can be challenging for some people, as they may crave a cigarette as soon as they give up. Set a quit date so you can mentally prepare to give up smoking, and it will also give you time to stop buying cartons of cigarettes whilst stocking up on nicotine patches or gum.

Occupy Your Mind and Body

It’s essential you occupy your mind and body whenever a nicotine craving hits. For instance, you can drink a glass of water, go for a walk, play a game, clean your home, brush your teeth or exercise. Write a list of all the activities that may distract you, so you can identify the best action to take to ignore those troublesome cravings.

Use an E-Cigarette

Many people have managed to quit traditional cigarettes by using an e-cig, which means they can enjoy smoking without having to breathe in any smoke. With many different e-liquid flavors to choose from, an e-cig can both heighten and improve a smoking experience. One of the most popular brands available is Lizard Juice, which offers many e-cigs and accessories to choose from, and they can also provide steps to fix leaking Baby Beast, too.

Throw Away Your Cigarette Accessories

Not only should you dispose of any cigarettes before a quit date, but you should also throw away any accessories such as lighters, matches, ashtrays and cigarette holders. This will reduce the reminders inside your home, which can help keep your cravings at bay. Don’t forget to remove any accessories in your car, too!

Save Your Cigarette Money

Money can become your greatest motivation when quitting smoking. One way to beat the bad habit is to save up your cigarette money in a glass jar, so you can watch the money accumulate. As time goes on, you will realize how much you once spent on smoking over the course of the year. Use the money saved to treat yourself to a dream holiday, pay debts or invest in a home renovation.

Create a Smoke-Free Space

Avoid temptation and create a smoke-free space in your home and car. This will ensure you’re not tempted to resume with a bad habit following the whiff of smoke or sight of a cigarette. Over time, your cravings will reduce and the smell of smoke alone may become its own deterrent.