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Great Style for Men who Like it Simple and Stress-Free

Being stylish is an art. The good part is, it can be mastered easier and faster than most other arts. When we talk stylish men, we think the charm of Richard Gere, the debonairness of Michael Caine, the sophistication of George Clooney , the effortless charisma of Brad Pitt and the rugged and rebellious style of Johnny Depp.

They are the style gurus. Whatever they wear, they manage to look incredibly stylish at all times. But it’s not just our celebrities. There are some very classy, very simple yet very fashionable men on our streets as well. What do these men do to look oh-so-good at all times? Well, they stick to the basics.

Great Style for Men

Looking great all the time is a simple job really. All you men out there who shy away from shopping and don’t get the fuss about the Milan, Tokyo, Paris style file, this post is for you and all about you. A few wardrobe staples is all you need to look hot and get the style back in your swagger. Fret not and read on.

Opt for Classic Denims

We have heard it, done it and got bored of it. Ripped jeans, embellished denims, sand wash- give these a miss and stick to your classic blue denims or a go-with-everything dark denim. They have stood the test of style and have time and again emerged as the real winners. These all-weather staples pretty much go with everything and if worn correctly will impress both your boss and your babe. Wondering if it’s really that simple? It is. The only trick is to find a great pair that fits you well. Buy at least two pairs of such flattering fits.

Suit Up for the Special Occasions

A formal occasion where you need to make an impression demands a suit. A suit is one such garment that looks fabulous on all body types. However, a suit connoisseur will tell you exactly what cut and silhouette in suits will flatter your body type the most. A bespoke suit works best for weddings, formal dinners and the likes. A bespoke suit is usually preferred for these special occasions as they wonderfully camouflage those tyres and jiggling bellies, making you look slimmer, taller and dapper.

For a job interview, you can pick a suit that is single breasted with two buttons, and lapels not wider than two inches. Drop the black and go for colors like beige, light green and gray to break apart your look and lend it a crisp fluidity. Put comfort first for suits that you will be wearing on an average work day. And worry not! Buying a suit no longer means digging deep into your pockets. You will find some versatile and wonderful suit options online at equally wonderful prices!

Sport the Shirt Well

Shirts are probably that one piece of men’s clothing that makes you feel almost as pampered as the women. They are available in a variety of colors, prints, fabrics and fits. It’s that one department where men can say they are spoilt for choice. And thanks to the arrival of the metrosexual man, men can even ooze style in orange and pink shirts now without being called feminine.

But prints and paisleys and a hue of colors may not be every man’s cup of tea. The good news is that true style does not need too much of flamboyance or color, no pun intended. It can be simple yet stylish just like the always cool, always hot white button-down shirts in cottons and linen or the blue denim shirt. Every man who wants to look good should possess a few of these. Wear them with a blazer, a pair of trousers, a woollen cardigan, denims, boat shorts or whatever your heart desires. Refined, rugged or raring-to-go, whatever your style, you cannot go wrong in these!

Brown Shoes Always Look Suave

Move over black. Brown is the new black in men’s footwear. Tan and Caramel are favourites too. If you are a Chinos man you probably own a few brown pairs already. For the rest of you men out there pick your shoes in brown, casual or formal. They do justice to khaki pants, linen shirts, grey blazers, woollen jackets and even double-breasted suits.

Take Your Style a Notch Up with Ties and Belts

What is style without accessories? Well they are the hand in the glove, the desert in the meal and the cherry on the pie. Well you get it. They pretty much seal the deal. For all those bold men who like to keep it simple but stylish invest in a good quality brown leather belt (to match the shoes of course), Zara and Gap have some bold and pocket-friendly options. Old navy is an old favourite too. Vintage belts are a fabulous piece of accessory and can bring together your whole look impeccably.

Well, ties are not our go-to accessory but they do make a statement without trying too hard. They also have an attractive quality of making a man feel powerful. So how do you like your knot? The classy dark red or gray is perennially perfect. Small prints can add a fun quotient (sailor prints are trending) and to stand out from the crowd, opt for gingham or micro-checks in solid tones.

Final Pages of Your Style File

Well style isn’t just about looking good, it about feeling confident and sexy too! Dab on the cologne, smoothen the hair, stay clean, keep the clothes ironed, keep a few ensembles ready in the cupboard, and wear a killer smile at all times. Who knows that good-looking girl or the long-awaited promotion may just become yours!