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Change Your Perspective with Some Extra Height

Extra Height

Being a guy who’s a bit on the shorter side can be really tough if you’re surrounded by taller folks at the workplace, at the gym, at home, or out in the dating scene. Those who fall below 5’6” especially seem to develop a self-consciousness around their height. It’s rough to watch yourself fall by the wayside of visually communicated masculinity, which revolves around having a large presence. Many short people feel like they are literally always being over-looked since the gaze of taller people falls significantly above them. On top of everything else, contemporary culture seems to have embraced this injustice, and we’re constantly hearing about how much more successful taller men’s careers are, even though there’s nothing people can do to change their height — or is there?

In fact, various height-increasing products and procedures do exist, but very few are practical. Lifts, insoles, and even surgery can be considered, but even though all these products work, there is a greater or smaller personal cost to all of them. Very few people are willing to pay for expensive and painful surgeries that break major bones in the legs in order to extend them. Elevator shoes and insoles are more convenient, but even these can become painful if they are badly made. Bad shoes that throw off your arch support can ruin your spinal alignment and make your back and shoulders hurt consistently. In the long term, they can even throw disks out of place and make basic physical tasks painful. Insoles cause the same effects, and cause blisters if they’re the wrong fit for your foot. Additionally, cheap insoles can get worn down and flattened quickly, leaving your wallet empty and your height back to where it was! When you use, however, you realize that insoles aren’t all bad; when they’re made properly with the best materials and provide major heel support, they can last for much longer and don’t require any adjustments! Don’t compromise on your lifestyle, your comfort, or your personal style.

It’s amazing how quickly people will begin to look at you differently when you make the right purchase from Add Height and don’t have to sacrifice any aspect of your demands. Most of the brands you’ll try will be flawed in one way or another, and some will be too uncomfortable to wear for any length of time. Steer clear especially of impractical options that ask you to dish out serious money for products that are difficult or impossible to move from one set of shoes to another. Instead, get something that works, feels good, and can be used in any shoe you own, like Add Height insoles. You can have comfort, stability and convenience with memory foam heel inserts, because they’re made out of premium grade materials that make them good for all-day wear.

The shape of the heel insert is key. It cups the foot in a way that supports and cushions without being too flimsy or too tough. Other insoles have to be trimmed to the right shape and tacked into place with adhesives, but Add Height products just slide right in, like they were designed for every kind of shoe you own.