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Business Tips For Entrepreneurs Looking To Start An Addiction Therapy Program


Not all of us are cut out for the job of building an addiction treatment center from scratch.  Addiction treatment and therapy changes lives, but it is often a very thankless field.  Admittedly, it is not the most glamourous of ventures, but the payoff is more than just money in the bank.

Addiction therapy is one of the rare occasions where you are legally allowed to charge people for doing a good thing.  It is an interesting realm of business, and only educated minds should travel this route.

Here are a few informative tips to begin trekking down the path to owning a successful addiction treatment/therapy center.

Run a thorough feasibility study first and foremost

A feasibility study will help you decide upon the best location for the new treatment center.  You need to understand the needs of the area before investing time and money into any business.  Rehabilitation is no different.

If an area is well-known for methamphetamine use, then you would want to include the proper treatment options for such an addiction in the business plan.  Study the surrounding populations and the existing treatment facilities to find a gap to fill.

You will need to know how many beds would be ideal, and what sort of addiction treatment best suites the population.  Gathering a bulk of demographic information will help to steer you a more efficient direction.

Marketing addiction therapy is a delicate process

Marketing is never the first thought in the business of recovery, but it should be.  Neglecting to provide ample attention to marketing efforts in rehabilitation will leave you with empty beds and no one to treat.

You have to have people to help people.  If they do not know where to find the proper treatment for their issues, then you will not have the opportunity to guide them towards sobriety.

Licensing requirements are not universal

Licensing requirements (as with many things) differ depending on what state the organization will function.  One of the first things you should do is gather together the proper licensing information to begin working towards meeting those goals.

Licensing often requires a bit of time to complete, so start early.  You will need to provide the proper policies and procedures to the licensing board, and square away any zoning issues before licensure is granted.

A business needs a business plan

Every business needs a business plan.  Business plans are useful for obtaining funding, but they are also helpful in licensure.  Regulators want to see that you have a clear course of action before they invest time or money into the process.

Spend time researching the most effective way to layout a business plan, and work to build a thorough creation of your own.  It pays to be well prepared.