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5 Signs Someone You Love Has a Drug Problem


There are many different kinds of addicts.  Some people who are addicted to a substance can go their whole life as a highly functioning addict without anyone ever knowing that they were ever using anything.  There are other types of people, however, that have a very blatant drug abuse problem and the signs are very apparent.

If someone you know appears to be displaying signs of drug abuse, it may be a good idea to consider conducting an intervention in order to help them try to escape their destructive patterns and go to rehab.  Here are some of the top signs to look for.

Erratic Behavior

A telltale sign of drug use is behavior that seems to change suddenly out of nowhere.  Someone who is normally calm and rational suddenly becomes unreasonable, speaking rapidly and seems out of sorts.  The reason for this behavior is because drugs slow down cognitive functions and a person is unable to think and act rationally.

If you find that someone’s behavior is out of the ordinary and lacking judgment, you may want to start keeping a closer eye on their activities and consider there may be drugs involved.  Their behavior may also be accompanied by slowed down or rapid speech, and their eyes may be affected as well.

Periods of Depression

People who take drugs regularly tend to fall into periods of depression following a session of heavy use. They tend to lose enthusiasm for things they once got excited about and have negative outlooks about the world around them.

Depressed people tend to have a hard time getting out of bed and following through with any commitments.  Their focus and joy is entirely revolved around their addiction and after they have used a substance is the only time they are joyful.

Financial Problems

A common symptom of a drug addiction is someone running out of money because they have completely lost control of their priorities. Their spending spirals out of control since drugs are expensive.

If you notice that someone who has had a fine financial situation in the past suddenly has problems paying their bills or covering simple expenses when you go out together it could be a red flag of a bigger problem.

Can’t Keep a Job

People who are doing drugs frequently tend to have a hard time keeping a job.  This is because they are staying up late and incapable of committing to responsibilities. Therefore a common pattern is that they aren’t able to keep a job for a very long time.

Disappears For Periods of Time

People who are normally in contact with you and suddenly fall off the grid for periods of time could definitely be at risk for drug addiction.  When you pair this behavior with the other signs, it is a pretty clear indication.