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5 Lifestyles To Dream About


We can all dream when it comes to how we want to live our lives out, can’t we? We can find inspiration either in how other people live, or even how we can imagine ourselves being the most happy. And then we can aim for that. And even if the goal is never achieved, simply the process of having that end in mind can make life that much more pleasurable in the meantime.

Five lifestyles in particular that may appeal to you might be living the luxurious Florida lifestyle, dreaming about California vibes, thinking that Manhattan power is the way to go, choosing to live as a nomadic traveler, or even just joining the invisible upper class so that no one knows that you’re exactly where you want to be.

Florida Luxury

Living in Florida is something that a lot of people think about when they get close to retirement age. The sunshine, the golf courses, the easy living. The culture is relaxed, the countryside is beautiful. There are some bugs and gators to worry about, but generally staying away from swamps will stamp the ticket with respect to that issues. Plus, there is a good mixture of city and urban lifestyle down there.

California Dreaming

The Hollywood lifestyle is more smoke and mirrors than meat and potatoes, but there’s still plenty of room to dream about the lifestyle there, especially if you’re still on the young side. You don’t have to want to be in the movies to appreciate the artistic culture there, and some of the most beautiful and creative minds in the world often end up roaming the streets, looking for inspiration.

Manhattan Power

And if you want to be in the middle of excitement and energy, but aren’t totally enthralled with the sunshine states, you can always choose to live in New York and follow the path of the rich and powerful in the pattern of the powerful in Manhattan. Just don’t head there without planning to get your ego bruised some as you get used to the culture of the quick and direct.

The Permanent Tourist

If you have the wanderlust, don’t even bother putting down roots. Just go where the wind may blow, and enjoy the ride along the way. Buy a backpack that carries your most important stuff, shave your head, get an international banking account, and live the life of the itinerant monk.

The Invisible Upper Class

And a relatively new concept to add to the pile of potential lifestyles to dream about is the idea of the invisible upper class. Now is not a great time in human history to look like you have a lot of money, so you can potentially dream about having that money, but then spending it on events and appearances that you enjoy, without looking like you’re flaunting it.