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4 Drastic Life Events and How To Handle Them


There will be times in your life when drastic events occur. And those of the times when you will find out how well you deal with stressful situations. For the majority of people, especially if they don’t have experience in high-pressure situations, they will fold and become miserable. However, there are ways that you can prepare yourself in advance of events so that you don’t suffer as much emotionally.

Four particular events that might really knock you for a loop included dealing with addiction, going through a divorce, declaring bankruptcy, or grieving if there is some sort of a death in the family. If, at least in terms of psychologically, you are prepared for these events in advance, you will probably be able to handle the surrounding situations that much more clearly.


Working through an addiction is a painful process no matter who you are and no matter when it occurs during your life. It might be that you are dealing with addiction personally, or it might be a family member that is going through some trouble. But the point is, if you deal negatively with the situation, or if you handle it with anger, contempt, or judgment, good things are not going to happen. The more respectfully you handle the situation, the sooner it will come to a successful recovery point.


Another drastic event that occurs in many lifetimes is that of divorce. Handling a divorce means that you have to work through your feelings, your finances, and your plans for the future. Depending on if it’s an amicable split or not, there could be lawyers involved, there might be children involved, and you may even have to do things like split a house in terms of value, or even move to a new location. At least understanding the steps of a divorce in advance, you’ll be able to deal with the pressure that much more reasonably.


There are lots of reasons that bankruptcy occurs. It may or may not even be your fault. However, once you decide to declare bankruptcy, there are a lot of high stress situations that occur. If the bankruptcy was related to business, there are all sorts of tax and financial responsibilities that you have to deal with. If the bankruptcy was because of a medical emergency, that would be an entirely different set of circumstances that you have to handle.

Death In the Family 

In one of the most absolutely drastic occurrences that will happen in every family is if there is death. It doesn’t matter how people are related to each other; whether it’s parental, or via sons and daughters, or even extended family –  dealing with death is one of the hardest things that anyone will ever go through. If you make peace with your family every day, and also understand some of the processes of grieving, then you may be able to handle the situation better when it occurs.