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3 Ways to Prepare For Life After The Wedding

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Once you get engaged, all you’re likely thinking about is planning for your wedding day. This exciting event is something many people look forward to for years, men and women alike. However, making the decision to get married is about a lot more than just getting to throw a big party to celebrate your love. Once that party is over, that’s when the real work of marriage beings. And for most couples, marriage truly is hard work. So to help things transition a little bit smoother for you, here are three ways you can begin preparing now for your life after the wedding. 

Discuss Your Finances 

One of the biggest points of contention for many marriages involves money. As we’ve all heard, money makes the world go round. But for some marriages, it can make your world spin out of control. So to safeguard against this, it’s best to begin talking together about finances from an early stage in the relationship. In addition to having frank financial conversations, Daya Kingston, a contributor to HappyMarriages.com, recommends sitting down very early in your marriage and discussing things like investments, monthly budgets, and debt. The more you’re able to understand each other’s financial ideas and states, the better off your marriage will be. 

Practice Forgiving Quickly 

When you’re living with someone, they’re bound to do things that annoy or irritate you from time to time. They might hurt your feelings, do something thoughtless, or seem to deliberately upset you. And while it’s okay to feel whatever feelings you have in the moment, it’s important to not let those moments go on for too long. A contributor to Marriage.com shares that holding onto grudges does nothing to strengthen your marriage. Only after you’ve forgiven your spouse can you two move on together. So by practicing how to quickly forgive those who anger or wrong you, you’ll be much better about doing this with your future spouse as well. 

Prepare For Big Life Events 

Throughout the duration of your marriage, the two of you will likely go through many growing and transitioning periods. While these times can be exciting, they can also be very stressful and overwhelming, especially if you and your spouse handle them in different ways. To make these times easier, Cathy Lim, a contributor to FamilyShare.com, suggests making tentative plans for how you’ll handle big life events like having children, medical emergencies, deaths in the family, losing a job and more. By talking about these issues before they arise, you may be better able to fight through these challenges together once they come.

If you’ll be getting married soon, use the tips mentioned above to help you start your marriage off on the right foot.