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3 Reasons Participating in Art Makes Life More Enjoyable

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While it might be true that not everybody is an artist, and not everybody can paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel like Michelangelo, or carve a sculpture of David like Michelangelo, and not everybody has the pipes of Aretha Franklin or Julie Andrews, or the dancing feet of Gene Kelly, not everybody has the mind of Socrates or the wit and humor of Robin Williams, and not everybody has the guts to get up and do what makes them an artist in their own right, it doesn’t mean that you yourself can’t enjoy art for everything that it is.

Art is a collective experience. It has the power to change circumstances, give people a much needed outlet, change minds and hearts, and without you, the viewing audience, much of the art being made wouldn’t be being made. Here are 3 reasons participating in art makes life more enjoyable:

It Provides Catharsis

If you aren’t aware of what catharsis is, you experience it all the time without even realizing it. The definition of catharsis literally means to release and thereby get relief from strong and/or repressed emotions.

Sure, there are other means to let go of some angst, but art proves to be the most beneficial because it in no way is dangerous to a human being, it provides a much needed outlet and often enough, you don’t even know the relief is coming, so when you’re at a theatrical performance, the show moves you to tears for no explainable reason, and you feel amazing afterward, the catharsis you received keeps you coming back for more because it’s beneficial and non-destructive.

It Causes You to Think

After a long day at the office, many people would love to come home, turn on some mindless television, and just veg out. The last thing they want to do is go to some art exhibit where they’re forced to think about things harder than they really want to.

However, this is precisely what should be done. When you’re at work and things throughout the day pile up on your mind and plate and you come home and basically shut off all emotive receptors until the next day when the pressures of yesterday get added to, it causes you to explode one day when it gets to be too much.

If you get in the habit of stopping by the museum or going to a pottery or other art class before you come home, your mind is allowed to think, process, make connections, and ultimately release, which leads to healthier relationships in the long run because you’re not blowing up at your loved ones due to lack of being able to process in a healthy atmosphere. Art does that for you.