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Weird Traffic Laws From Around the World

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Some traffic laws make sense, such as following the speed limit. However, there are those traffic laws that are mind boggling to say the least. Here are a few interesting laws from around the globe.

  1. Don’t drink and drive. Or eat.

In Cyprus, don’t even think about sipping your water bottle or eating a granola bar while driving. Authorities have made it illegal in this island country, and doing so can land you with a massive fine.

  1. Wash your car, or else.

If you are headed to Russia, make sure that your car isn’t dirty. Driving a dirty car in this country will land you an uncomfortable conversation with the Russian Police and a fine of 2000 rubles.

  1. Is there anyone hiding under your car?

It’s unlikely that a driver would intentionally start their car with someone underneath it. Denmark has made sure that this won’t happen and requires its citizens to check for any humans underneath their car before starting it and driving off.

  1. Clothing counts

When driving in Thailand, don’t even think about not wearing a shirt. Officials have made it illegal to operate a vehicle without one on.

  1. Keep your lights on

Sweden may have a valid reason for this, but it is mandatory to keep your headlights on at all times while driving your car. Even in daylight hours. This is likely due to the poor weather conditions in the area, but a sunny day makes no difference. Play it safe and keep your headlights on.

  1. Don’t drink and be a passenger

If you have been drinking in Macedonia, stay in the backseat. You can be fined for sitting in the front seat while driving. Which brings us to our next point…

  1. Don’t drink and drive. And don’t allow the driver to drink and drive.

It doesn’t matter what your BAC is in Japan, if you allow someone to drive you while they are drunk you can receive a hefty fine. This law makes sense, though. Keeping drunk drivers off of the roads is important.

  1. Gender roles

Saudi Arabia is one of the only countries in the world that has banned women drivers. While this may be a reason for misogynists to rejoice, it doesn’t make much sense. Either stay out of Saudi Arabia if you are a woman or be prepared to walk everywhere (or have a man drive you around).

  1. Driving restrictions

Manila has imposed driving restrictions based on your car’s license plate number. For example, if your license plate ends with a 1 or 2, don’t even bother driving on Mondays. This isn’t so bad if it gets you out of work…

  1. Please don’t wash your car with dirty underwear

At least, not in San Francisco. If you are headed to a drive through car wash, make sure you only wipe your car down with clean underwear. Or just let the dryers do their job.

There you have it. Some of the most bizarre laws from across the globe. While some of them may make sense, the rest are just over the top! Companies such as Prime Lawyers help to fight ridiculous traffic violations every day, but hopefully none of the ones listed above.