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The Ins and Outs of Moving Abroad

Many Americans are moving abroad and for various reasons.

The findings by Gallup polls show that a record number of Americans are seeking to find residence overseas. Their motivations include employment opportunities, romantic relationships, costs of living, and much more.

So, if you’re one of those people seeking a change in their lives, you first need to be aware that it’s a huge step.

Today, we won’t give you an in-depth guide on moving abroad. Instead, we’ll point out the most important considerations you need to think about when you make this move. Let’s take a look.

Be as Prepared as Possible

Once you decide that it’s time for you to fulfill your dream, the first practical step is getting prepared. You’ll need to do plenty of research about all available options.

If you have an idea where you want to go, it’s time to factor in your skill sets, financial situation, and age. If you’re yet to determine a location, start with some lists of best countries for expats.

Such lists can be quite useful with their rankings for ‘feeling like home,’ ‘friendliness,’ and ‘job opportunities.’

Another thing you could do is watch and read content by expats in the country you want to make your new residence. Learning the ropes through somebody else’s mistakes is more comfortable than doing so yourself.

You could try to create a network for yourself before you move, too. Having someone familiar in a new place can make a world of difference.

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Find a Home

Next, you will need a place to live in when you arrive. You’re likely to be planning to rent, at least at first, but many decisions await either way.

Property Management

Deciding how you’ll manage the property is imperative – things such as how you pay rent, who repairs what, and how to find the home in the first place.

The most painless method includes detecting the right agent to take care of it all. It may cost a bit more, but it will save you from a lot of struggle.


Tax Considerations

It’s your responsibility to notify proper authorities about your intentions in the new country and pay the necessary taxes.

The experts from explain that your tax residence determines your income tax. If you apply for a non-resident scheme, you may see significant tax advantages.


Even when living in a rented apartment abroad, insurance matters. Expat insurance exists and serves to cover you and your property and its contents. It’s not too expensive, either.

Healthcare and Medical Insurance

It would be irresponsible if you moved abroad only to realize you don’t have medical insurance.

You may be eligible for short-term medical care and some benefits to social security in your destination country, so get informed. In general, if you move to Europe, medical care is the same for all citizens, while such benefits aren’t as strong further overseas.

However, all those solutions only work short-term. If you plan on spending years, or a lifetime, in a new country, it’s best that you integrate with the local healthcare system.

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Learn Some Vocabulary

Most of your language learning will take place spontaneously or at a language school. Still, moving to a new country with some useful phrases under your belt paints you in a better light to locals, making it easier for you to make friends.

The primary four include hello, goodbye, thank you, and please. Add some basic pronouns and wh-words, a few numbers, and you’re good to go for the first few weeks.

Start with an app at least several weeks before moving, and it will make a massive difference in the way you get received in the beginning. Don’t hesitate to continue learning the language, either.

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The Bottom Line

Moving abroad is a challenge, especially if you go it alone. The thought of creating a new life for yourself, with new sets of people and interests, is intimidating.

So, finally, we recommend that you make an effort to meet people in the first few weeks. This period is one of emotional turmoil, and having support will help you. The excitement of the new will drown out homesickness as you settle into a new country.