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Different Types of Background Check by Checkpeople Options Explored


The background check by Checkpeople is now quite a standard part of most pre-employment procedures. In fact, they are integral to the hiring of new candidates in this country. When a candidate is comprehensively screened and their background is looked at properly, businesses have a greater chance of creating a safe work environment for existing employees, while also helping them to avoid negligent hiring litigation later on. Indeed, today, businesses all over the country rely heavily on these background checks to ensure the candidate for a job is the right one. However, there are different types to be aware of and it is important to understand this so that the right check can be requested.

The Identity Check

An identity check has been designed to provide information that allows businesses to build their confidence in the applicant they are considering for a job. Also, it proves whether or not the candidate is fully honest in their provision of personal details. Almost every background check now includes an identity check as this ensures that the check is completed on the right individual. Only thereafter is it possible to complete more in-depth searches.

The Criminal Background Check

A criminal background check is important for employees because it will tell them if the candidate has previous been engaged in illegal activities. Because of the vastness of this country, it is important that these checks are completed federally, nationally, state-wide, and locally. In almost all cases, these checks will also include verification of whether or not someone is listed on a national sex offender register.

The Verification Service

Sometimes, employers do also have to look into whether the information that a candidate provided about their previous employment is truly accurate. The same is true for their references, their military service details, the professional licenses, and their education. Verification services do this, determining whether the information provided is fully accurate.

Other Services

There are numerous other types of checks that can be conducted as well to determine whether someone is who they say they are. This includes an online media check, a social media check, a civil report (county or federal), and a credit report. Some employers now even demand drug screening for employees to find out whether they are taking any prescription or illegal medication. These tests do include collecting samples of bodily fluids that have to be examined by a certified laboratory, at least for an employer.

Clearly, there are numerous ways for employers to now find out whether or not an applicant is who they say they are. Many of these services are also available online for people who simply want to know something about others. Some of those are even free! However, for employers, background checks generally have to be completed through official channels, which also means there is a cost involved. That is not to say that individuals can’t complete the same checks, just that they would have to pay for it. The information itself is publicly available.