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What Do You Need To Be Successful In College?


There is this common belief that college success is difficult but this is not actually the case. The real problem is that you are letting go of being an adolescent and you move towards becoming an adult. This is the challenging part. For most students, college work is all about taking responsibility for what is needed, like turning papers in, sacrificing time that would be spent with friends and showing up to class in a regular fashion. Envision NYLF highlights that taking responsibility is half of being a really successful college student.

Besides self-responsibility, other factors are quite important for college success. The vital ones are presented below.

Learning How To Effectively Learn

It is really important to learn how to effectively learn, together with ways in which you learn best. Most of the colleges offer some courses that are going to teach you such skills. Such courses also have to be taught during high school but this is quite rare. Really good college success courses are going to teach you reading comprehension strategies, how to learn, how to study, learning styles, intelligence types, time management, career exploration, how to set goals, writing skills, problem solving, note taking and a whole lot more.

Strong Work Ethics

Really good work and study habits are going to lead students towards success. That success is moved into the work force. Really good study skills can only be highly effective when applied. Everything becomes worthless when not used.

The problem with work ethics is that some students simply do not have them. If this is your case, you need to be careful and you need to see why you do not want to do the work. Speak with college counselors. They can point you in the right direction.


If you want to succeed in college you need to be motivated. When motivation is not present, students do not use their potential, intelligence, work habits and study skills.

Long range goals should stay in the back of your mind at all times. The main such goal is finishing college. Unfortunately, having goals is often not enough for most people. It is really important that you find what motivates you if you are to be successful in college. This is not as easy done as said. Think about all the steps that you need to take and why you take them. Focusing on steps helps you to increase motivation and reach those long-term goals.

Final Thoughts

Every single person in the world can succeed in career, life and college. The real difficult thing is to take the very first step. If you want to be successful in college you have to take responsibility, become more effective and you need to learn how to learn. Really good work habits and study skills are needed while you find ways to fuel success motivation. As already mentioned, be sure that you talk with the counselor when you run into some problems. This is going to help you stay on path through the tips offered.