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Want a Career in Education? Here Are The Skills You’ll Need

I spend much of my time traveling through classrooms cross the State, speaking with young students about career choices and what they want to do once they have finished school. Something I have noticed quite recently is a steady rise in the amount of people who actually would like to stay in education and give something back.

I was fortunate enough to speak with Kevin Rolle, Alabama University Executive Vice President and a man who has dedicated over 20 years of his life in the education and administration sector. I asked Kevin what kind of skills my students would need, to forge a successful career in education.

Caring For Youth

Getting into education should not be based on a self-serving dream and the key to any career in education is the care, and the passion for young people and their success. Generally speaking, education is not a highly paid career choice be it in teaching or in administration and one must really have that passion for the students in order to be a success.

Communication Skills

Communication skills play a really key role in this industry and whether you are a teach, a professor or in a higher position, you must be able to speak to a range of people with clarity and in a positive way. Equally you need to be a good listener and be able to take on board any concerns and worries which fellow faculty members or students have.

Moving With The Times

Because education and the way in which it is delivered is controlled by government and both state and national level, the very nature of it is always subject to change. Throughout the years we seek to improve education and the way in which we give it and so things are always changing and you must be able to change with it. There are always new methods of teaching and educating being discovered and syllabuses are always prone to change year on year. If you want a career in education, you must be able to adapt.


Creativity is vitally important within education and you must have a touch of it if you want a career in this field. When teaching or assisting in the teaching of something new, there is no one-size-fits-all option an you must work hard on finding different angles and different ways of teaching the students.

Work Ethic

Working in education, be it as a teaching assistant, a teacher, administrator or college professor, requires a great amount of hard work and that goes beyond when class finishes. There are always lesson plans to be done, marking to complete, plans to be made for the educational institute and problems to be solved and one must expect to work tirelessly in this industry. This goes back to the care for the young students which you need and this must be transferred into a hard working approach.