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Jim Byrne KYOC Weatherman – Does a Career as a Weatherman Interest You?


When most people go to college that have a good idea of the field of study they want to pursue. Some aim for political science, others gravitate toward law, while still others head directly for the humanities seeking to unleash their creative energies on the world.

For those who have an interest in science, there is a wide range of subject areas from which to choose.  Some of the most popular fields of study in science include medicine, engineering, research and chemistry. Each has its own set of demands that those who wish to receive a degree must master, but generally those who go into science must be focused, detail oriented and persistent with a particular ability to read signs and duplicate processes.

Yes, every branch of science requires these qualities and particularly the science of meteorology. Meteorologists study the atmosphere and the weather. They are experts at reading the weather conditions and anticipating what type of weather is on the horizon and in the near future. They have a deep scientific understanding of the weather and can take measurements to determine whether an event is imminent and even how specific weather conditions will affect people and the planet. The degree requires heavy doses of research and learning about how gases work in an enclosed system like the planet earth. For those who gravitate to the field, there is a lot of intense lab work and studying and a commitment to getting things right because meteorologists have tough jobs and are often relied upon for very important data.

Those possessing a degree in meteorology can select from a range of fields and can work with the government or a private company. This field is currently in demand and high paying, compared to many science jobs and certainly compared to the average job that a graduate in nearly any field can expect. Here are a few of the most popular and well-paying:

Perhaps the most glamorous, high paying and difficult job to land is for the most skilled and charismatic meteorologists. This is a weatherman. These highly trained professionals are seen on nightly newscasts throughout the nation giving the weather forecast and exuding great personalities. It is easy to forget that they are solid professionals with years of training in reading weather patterns. Professionals like Jim Byrne KYOC weatherman who is based in Santa Maria California spend hours every day comparing charts and past weather patterns, while reading all of the information from the weather services, in order to provide the weather forecast in the five minutes they are given on the newscast. In addition, for every weatherman you see on the screen. There are five more with similar professional skills in the background who are helping to make sure that the forecast is correct. If you have ever watched a newscast, you will hear the weatherman use words like probability and likelihood because forecasting weather is still a very inexact science and so a disclaimer must always be presented. In the end however they get it right many more times than wrong.


This discipline of meteorology seeks to understand and predict long term weather patterns by studying ones that have occurred in the past. The majority of climatologists study large global weather patterns. Today’s hottest topic for this group is global warming which attempts to look at historical weather patterns to determine if there is a shift in these causing by a change in the atmosphere. Many believe that the behavior of man is partially responsible for an increase in both the average temperature of the planet as well as more unpredictable weather conditions.